‘I Was Like Oh No!’ Emtee Explains Instagram Live Toilet Mishap

Emtee explains Instagram penis mishap
Emtee sorry about viral Instagram Live video in which he accidentally exposes his genitals. Photo: YouTube

Screenshots of Emtee’s penis trended all afternoon on Monday after the rapper accidentally exposed his private parts during an Instagram live session in the loo.

Following a Monday full of reactions and memes all over social media as fans shared shots of the Manando hitmaker’s genitals, Emtee has now apologized over the unfortunate incident, saying it was a “big mistake”.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Emtee says he is very sorry for the regrettable toilet scenes.

“I needed to pee but without thinking I used the same hand I was holding my phone while I was doing my thing and used the same hand to flush” he explained.  “I didn’t even think about it until I realised what I had done and I immediately apologized. I was like ‘oh, no!'”

Well, that has got to be quite scary.


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