David Tlale Does The Damn Thing In Paris

David Tlale More is More collection
Get 'em! David Tlale introduced pieces from his More Is More collection in Paris. Image: Supplied

South Africa’s leading fashion designer David Tlale collaborated with Courvoisier for the successful introduction of his signature brand to the upper echelon Parisian style aesthetes on Thursday, October 26th. Tlate showcased garments at the official residence of the South African Embassy in Paris, where 60 selected guests attended.

David Tlale Paris Show Image 4
David Tlale successfully introduced his signature brand to the Parisian style elites at an intimate affair in Paris

The Rapulane hosted event had David Tlale unleashing a twist to when he swapped a runway for an installation of models on a piano, plinths and chairs. Guests were immersed in the David Tlale experience as the renowned designer presented 12 looks from his recent Spring/Summer collection – More Is More.

David Tlale Paris Show
Triumphant! Tlale, in partnership with Courvoisier, brought the full David Tlale Experience in Paris this past week

“People never get to engage with the garments and the designer. I opened up the floor to Paris – to meet us from every angle!”, he said in a statement.

“I wanted guests to really feel the entire experience, and what better way to do so than with my signature Courvoisier Noir cocktail in hand and a personal explanation of our journey of African luxury,” said Tlale about the night.”

David Tlale collection image
12 pieces were showcased from David Tlale’s More Is More collection

This collection, however, showcased the brand’s signature aesthetic, with additional tweaks in terms of pattern engineering, and enhanced styles and finishing in order to appeal to the Parisian market. Furthermore, this marked slice of More is More aimed to celebrate the power of women, through a bold use of colour, (bright pink, yellow, blue and green), a multitude of textures (lace, twill, and features) with voluminous cuts and overwhelming silhouettes.


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