Everything We Loved About Minnie Dlamini’s Wedding Special!

Minnie Wedding Special

When it comes to celebrities and reality shows, you never really know what to expect. While some of them do the numbers and leave a mark, others misfire tragically. It’s always sad to watch those.

And when we reported here that Minnie was getting her own wedding special, in which she promised fans access inside her journey to her recent headline grabbing nuptial to TV Producer Quinton Jones, we could only hope that the show wouldn’t come out as a cheesy snooze festival.

Minnie Dlamini, Becoming Mrs Jones, Wedding TV Special

Fortunately, what we got was a genuine, entertaining, heart-felt, honest and dreamy premiere. So, very, dreamy!

Here’s what we loved about the show


She’s typically a private girl, so we were impressed to see Minnie allow viewers into her family. The first episode featured the most important people in her life reflecting on her journey, the importance of family values and what this marriage means for them.

We found out how protective she is of her brothers, just like there was no doubt left in how close she is to her mother. In fact, at the very beginning, Minnie’s mother was on the phone with Quinton to make sure he’s no dodgeball. Now, he considers him as her son.

We were introduced to Minnie’s father, and her lifelong close friends. On how she decided on who will be her bridesmaids, she said: “I chose people who chose me.”


Well, the 3-Part Special chronicles their wedding, so it’s only natural that we would be keen to see how they are like together.

Man, that’s the kind of love that’s worth waiting for. That’s the kind of love ’90s RnB singers went outside to cry-sing in the rain for.

Obviously they are very affectionate and the chemistry couldn’t be more evident, but we really enjoyed the moments they were just being buddies. Which, we also found out through mom, is how they began. She said Quinton used to buy Minnie lunch!


Minnie’s diary confessionals aren’t the usual reflection between scenes. Sis really came through with all those loves quotes. In between all of that, shots with the couple strolling by the beach during sunset upped the cheese game. We aren’t complaining though, it really works with the show’s romantic themes. Besides, this is some gourmet cheese.


From a production stand point, we’d like to Thank the team behind the show. The picture quality was crisp, shots smooth and dynamic. We’ve seen a few television shows with nonsense happening at one point or another, but this is clearly not one of them. The attention to detail and consistent quality of production is absolutely ‘private school’ ??


The single population finally have something to hold on to – your partner is out there!

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Photo Credit: Instagram/MinnieDlamini


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