Album Review: Shekhinah Premieres Long Awaited Debut Album – RoseGold

She recently gave a stellar live performance on JR’s Live Sessions, in which her mind blowing live vocals left many fans asking why it has taken so long for Shekhinah to liberate a full body of work for cohesive immersion in her beautiful sound. And when we enjoyed her on stage out at Rocking The Daisies in the Western Cape this past weekend, we were also able to witness her rare ability to connect people from different walks of life in a collective celebration of her authentic talent.

Shekhinah Rose Gold Album Review

And it’s no wonder – the Durban songstress has been unleashing summer jams in quick succession since Back To The Beach, the smooth and laid back melody that garnered her the attention of the South African music loving public as ‘one to look out for.’


Since then, Shekhinah has sustained and gained momentum with even more internationally celebrated joints. She layered her sultry vocals on Your Eyes, in which she dials back on the vocal gymnasts that have come to be part of her trademark, and went organic and raw in her delivery. Her vocal range is really something to write about. But it is her edge, her unique ability to transcend genres and subculture using the instrument that is her voice, as well as the emotion she’s able to vocally express that has kept her a notch above relevant.

Earlier in 2017 she came back with Suited, her latest single and the first from RoseGold. And just like her previous works, Suited proved to be a gradual, but very resilient grower. As things stand, the song is vying it out as on of the biggest 2017 summer hits.

With all that, she was ready to release her first full body of work.

If, like us, you have been impressed with Shekhinah’s consistency in the themes she creatively tackles in her lyrics, her mood and sound, vocals and overall quality – then RoseGold will blow you away from the get go.

The album finally allows us to fully appreciate not the talent that is Shekhinah, that skill she possess and the rare gift that informs her much celebrated vocals, but it is also a fuller introduction to her world.

Shekhinah is an alternative vibe with mainstream appeal. Her lyrics are abstract, raw and quite personal, so much that there are songs we bet you will be keen to send to someone. Someone

RoseGold has a cohesive sound and narrative, and manages to sustain solid quality from start to finishes. The themes of love, romances, heart break, and the yearning for genuine affections of the significant other are threads that connect this body of work so seamlessly.

We loved the intro, and how it transitions into the album’s first single – Into The Jungle. In this track, Shekhinah solidifies her artistic identity. She loves going beyond reality into another realm, and in this song – the jungle is the ‘more’ that the city cannot contain. ‘You can be the Prince, I can be the Princess.’

It’s quite strategic that this song opens up the album as it sets the mood and the tone for an album that ultimately turns out to be sexy, confident, ethereal, vibe and very contemporary.

One of our fave tracks in the album is definitely Different, featuring Mariechan. Here we have two insanely talented South African female vocalists doing the good things for that RnB space that has either been neglected for too long, or too weak to make it. She enlists the talents of another female artist- Rouge on the song Power To She.

The Sound, Different, Anyway I Want, Into The Jungle, Thirsty, RoseGold, Suited, Overdose and Just Fine are already instant favourites out here.  

Overall, this album is insanely good!


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