Claws Are Coming Out On The Next Episode Of My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules

It’s officially “game on” this week on My Kitchen Rules South Africa as the second group of home cooks reach the halfway mark in their Instant Restaurant phase of the competition.

Last week, Bloemfontein husband and wife Jamandi and Machiel managed to earn an impressive score of 68 out of 100, narrowly beating Charnell and Kerry’s initial score of 67 in week one. With the competition officially heating up now, the claws are likely to come out when it comes to scoring the rest of the Instant Restaurants.

My Kitchen Rules

“At this stage if there’s one couple that intimidates us and makes us feels the pressure, it’s Brent and Andrew,” Jamandi admitted ahead of Brent and Andrew’s Instant Restaurant in Dainfern, Johannesburg this week.

Best friends Charnell and Kerry – who now find themselves at the bottom of the leaderboard – were also curious about what the fiancés have up their sleeves for this week. “The boys have been performing at the tables, but let’s see if they can perform in the kitchen,” Charnel noted.

Brent and Andrew, who are the self-confessed “good guys” of the competition will undoubtedly be hoping for positive ‘vibes’ throughout the evening, but will the rest of their competitors be impressed enough by their food to vote generously?


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