Cassper Used To Be Called J Lo In High School, Because Women Liked Touching His Butt

Cassper Nyovest

Cassper Nyovest says he used to be called ‘J Lo’ in high school, thanks to his behind being a hit with the ladies.

The Tito Mboweni hitmaker revealed that girls loved his big butt so much that they loved walking to him just to touch it.

“Girls used to come up and touch my butt”, he told Anele, who had just opened the interview comparing him to the American artist, whose rise to the top was likened to Cassper’s journey by Mdoda.

While the J Lo nick name didn’t follow him to superstardom, Cassper’s derrière is still perky.

In fact, it’s gotten firmer now.

Fortunately, he moved on to discuss other things – his career, suing Penny Penny, his entourage and the Bentleys.

Photo Credit: YouTube/RealTalkWithAnele


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