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AKA’s New ‘Business Only’ Approach To Twitter Is Real, But Will He Stick It Out This Time?

AKA will now be using Twitter strictly for business.



AKA recently announced his departure from Twitter, vowing that he will now be using the platform exclusively for business.

While the 10 Fingers rapper has never been shy to type out the most authentic contents of his mind, sometimes despite some of the most persistently heated backlash, he has now removed most of his posts from his Twitter account, leaving only links to his iTunes page.

The timeline is a bit weird right now, as it can easily be mistaken for an iTunes offshoot, but it’s all part of a move to give him ample time to now focus on making good music.

“Same shit that is happening to Facebook a few years ago is happening to Twitter now. Twitter is strictly for business.”


Some fans have since been begging their fave to think deeply about how his absence on the platform will starve them of the most recent updates from the horses mouth, but for AKA, it’s now all about the music.

“… I will make the best music possible and be the best live performer I can be”, he tweeted.

And surely fans can can appreciate that, especially if word that he is cooking two albums – a ┬ástudio follow up to his sophomore platinum selling LEVELS, and a full collaborative body of work with ANATII – is true.

Yet for many, only time will tell if the rapper, who loves tackling social issues, politics, sports, controversial stuff and dragging a hater or two every now and then, will be able to abstain.

After all, it is on Twitter that he announced a break up with girlfriend Bonang Matheba, hours before reconciling and releasing a love song. It is also here that he gets to set the record straight on anything blogs are alleging.

… And so on and so forth.

Do you think he will stick to the new plan, or is this a set up for yet another headline grabbing comeback?

Either move is smart, though.