You Need To Know These 3 Tricks To Become A Brand Influencer in South Africa

Becoming a brand influencer in South Africa

Brand influencers get all the cool shit dropped on their front door every other day by brands who hope to leverage sales from their followers in a palatable way. The perks are plenty and enticing – exclusive invitation to cool parties, being flown out to fashion shows around the worlds, freebies, popularity and things like that.

But while it looks as easy as banging out the most picturesque versions of your cool life and growing followers based off that supply, there’s so much more involved with becoming an effective brand influencer who can effectively convert their digital presence to serious revenue.

For one, you’ve got to be pretty kick ass at making people want your life. Then make money from that.

Because, “My potential customer could be on your timeline” is a real thing.

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There’s a lot to think about, to learn from the likes of Trevor Stuurman (above), and a lot of work ahead for you.


A brand influencer’s ability to influence their audience directly links to how much authority they’ve established in their niche market. You are going to have to list your passions and figure out how you will creatively construct and maintain a cohesive story around them.

Once you have that going, the next step is to start adding value to your field. Okay, so you are a sneakerhead and you’ve built a followership ideally consisting mainly of those who share your passion or aspire towards it. You are posting great visual content and you are witnessing growth in followers who are reacting positively to your posts.

What’s next?

Giving them more reasons to trust you as a brand ambassador with expertise in your corner. That’s why you ought to start looking at brand influencing as a craft.


Now that you’ve pinned down the detail around what your visual, specialised ‘story’ is, and you’re slowy building an audience to whom your story appeals, the real work starts. Next up, get innovative about methods and strategies you will implement to really set yourself apart.

In other words, what’s your thing?

There’s a whole section of Instagrammers who’ve racked up thousands of followers by consistently indulging their followers to extreme pictures of themselves in very risky situations. Some of them capture these pictures specifically during their travels, some just find the riskiest stuff to do and wreck the nerves of their adrenaline loving followers.

One of them fell and died.

Perhaps you are not planning to die for your art, but what’s your thing? And most importantly, how do you plan to convey that?


Content is King. You either keep feeding the appetites of your audience with whatever material they hunger for on your page, or you are out of business. Building your brand influencing career will require commitment and consistency.

In addition to the consistent supply of interesting content on your platforms, the quality of that content is what will really set you apart.

Some TIPS on that;

  • Stay abreast of trends and conversations in your field.
  • Offer informed opinions about your world.
  • Be conversational, as opposed to robotic, unrelatable and formulaic.
  • Disrupt!
  • Be original – duplicating successful tricks used by others makes you more a follower than an influencer.
  • Authenticity is key. Otherwise you will be found out.

Good luck, and don’t mess it up!

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