Dj Sabby Seeking School Bags For Under Privileged Learners

DJ Sabby was able to collect just over an impressive 500 school bags for primary school children back in 2016.

But now the Y FM radio presenter and philanthropist has doubled his target as he sets new sights at 1000 school bags for underprivileged children in 2017.

And to be able to achieve this noble objective, he is asking persons and organisations with the capacity to buy a school bag (s) to do so and send them to him using the details in the flyer below.

Donate A School bag

DJ Sabby is seeking 1 school bag per person and if organisations would like to donate their branded bags that they use for promotional purposes they should get in touch with him or if any organisation would like to simply donate they can also get in touch. All school bags are welcome to assist a child in need.

Opening up about what inspired him to initiate this campaign, DJ Sabby reflects on a moment that brought about the epiphany to empower school children.

“I started this campaign after my trip back home, eDlebe and after seeing a group of young girls carrying “No Problem” plastic bags. I knew I had to do something about this”, he shares.

“I believe that a school bag can make a huge difference to any kid as their books and stationery will be protected and homework can be done as the school material will be in good condition. We have to do our part and come together as people and help where we can.”

DJ Sabby will not accept any financial donations, any school bag and stationery donated will go a long way.

Details on how you can donate are on the flyer above. If you’re going ahead with the donation as you definitely should, gooi a picture and tag us.

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