Tellaman Opens Up About His Music, Friendship & Love Life In Exclusive Interview

Tellaman interview

Durban’s most recently discovered gem, Thelumusa Owen, also known as Tellaman  to the entertainment industry, is more than just another artist with a voice. Frankly, the term recent doesn’t fully encompass the graft that Tellaman has been putting into his music career. The versatile crooner was largely involved in the Soul Candi Sessions 15 compilation, that was released in October 2014. He went on to drop an EP titled Mind vs Heart which he produced and wrote himself. The 12 track EP was praised more than anything for its multi-genre approach. Tellaman recently dropped his second EP titled Lucid Dreams and he spoke to us about his music and his relationships.

The soulful Tellaman released his second EP Lucid Dreams available for download. Photo Cred: Twitter/@Real_Tellaman

QuenchSA: What inspired the stage name Tellaman?

Tellaman: Tellaman is a nickname that was given to me. My real name is Thelumusa so Tellaman comes from that name.

QuenchSA: Tell us about your musical background?

Tellaman: There’s not much hey, my parent exposed me to music at a young age, mostly Gospel music and church. I didn’t really go to school for it. It’s one of those situations where I was a exposed to a music program and I started playing around with it… My mom used to make my siblings and I sing.

QuenchSA: The pursuit into the arts is always met with much criticism. Was that the case from your parents?

Tellaman: They were cool with me doing music but they didn’t want me to do ‘just’ music. They wanted me to try other things just in case the music thing doesn’t work out. I don’t really believe in option B especially when it comes  to careers because I believe in the law of attraction so the moment I have second option it means I don’t trust that the first option is going to work out in the first place.

QuenchSA: Your versatility on the mic is quite impressive. Is the plan to cater for different genres?

Tellaman: That has always been my plan. First of all I don’t like being boxed. I like to do different things within the music. The moment I started its always been that way. I’ve always tried house music, hip hop, Kwaito here and there.

QuenchSA: Despite releasing a full body of work and featuring on Nasty C’s album, you’ve attributed your fame to Dj Speedsta’s hit Mayo. Was the song that big?

Tellaman: I hadn’t met Speedsta before Mayo. He just hit me up on Twitter and sent me the song and I recorded it. We didn’t think that the song was going to be that big. It came as a surprise.

QuenchSA: Tell us about your bromance with Nasty C?

Tellaman: I think we are brothers more than friends, we live together, we do things together, we make music together. We’ve been close friends even before Juice Back but we started living together last year.

Tellaman & Nasty C
Nasty C and Tellaman’s bromance makes us green with envy. Photo Cred: Twitter/@Real_Tellaman

QuenchSA: The track is nominated in the Best Collaboration as well as the Best Hit Single category. What do you think of your chances of winning it?

Tellaman: We have a chance in the Best Hit Single. I think Speedsta is going to take that one obviously depending on the votes. But arguably it was the biggest hip hop song last year.

QuenchSA: Is 2017 the year you release your debut album?

Tellaman: No! I don’t think so. I just released an EP last week. I’m going to be making music anyway but I don’t think I’ll drop an album this year.

QuenchSA: With February being the Month of Love, is Tellaman dating?

Tellaman: No I’m not dating. I don’t have a girlfriend. I feel like the work is too much, me being in a relationship requires a lot of time.

QuenchSA: What can we expect from you in the immediate future?

Tellaman: More videos. I’m going to be releasing a couple of videos so people can lookout for that and more features. I have a single with Dimples, also have a song with Sphe & Naves…there’s a couple.

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