Frank Casino & Riky Rick Release Stunning Music Video For ‘Whole Thing’

Frank Casino has released another music video to a new version of Whole Thing, this time featuring Riky Rick.

Directed by Adriaan Louw, the stunning visuals were liberated for public consumption on Wednesday via Casino’s official Youtube page, hitting nearly 5 000 views within hours.

Frank Casino Riky Rick Whole Thing music video
Statue of David engulfed by a snake. Not creepy at all…

The original music video for the mid tempo banger have already won Frank Casino much critical acclaim and fanfare thanks to the quality of production, clean execution of an abstract concept and a fresh approach to the ways South African music videos are shot.


And now months later, the rapper has teamed up with Riky Rick on a remix of the song.


Again, the second coming of Whole Thing is being supported with superb visuals.

This time, we are seeing the rappers in a slightly obscured atmosphere. The haze is present throughout the black and white video, so much that at times they almost become mere silhouettes.

Frank and Riky can be seen trapped under a sheer thread – under which they appear to be suffocating.

Everyone in the music video is clad in white ensemble as they walk in white misty chamber, with flickering lights.

The video seems to playing on themes of duality, as black and white are present throughout the film.

Watch it and share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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