Riky Rick’s Is Now The Most Stylish Performing Artist In SA

Riky Rick has transformed his style, and now is well on his way to becoming a fashion icon.

Riky Rick, also now known as King Kotini, has certainly carved a unique space for himself within the South African Hip Hop space. In 2016, we’ve seen not only his visually captivating style transformation. From authentic, simple but hip street swag to some of the most dramatic fur coats we’ve seen in our red carpets.

Riky Rick - Most Stylish Rapper in SA

But while that first happened with his sound, the rapper is now taking seriously his love for fashion. And now that the David Tlale underwear range ambassador has also scored himself an SA Style Award for Most Stylish Performing Artist In Music, his ascension to being a fashion icon is getting pretty serious.

Riky Rick - Most Stylish Rapper in SA

His hit Sidlukotini is all about how he wants people to know how much not only he loves fashion, but fashion is a big part of his core artistic expression.

Riky Rick - Most Stylish Rapper in SA

This past year, we’ve seen the Sondela hitmaker ruffle some feathers with fashion risks. One such famous moment was social media reaction to his outfit at the SAMA music awards, which saw him combining styles from different eras and subcultures.

Riky Rick - Most Stylish Rapper in SA

In particular his shoes sparked raving debates.  The upperlife cleats are in fact Gucci princetown leather slippers exclusively customed designed for Riky Rick by John Born. They are also leather painted.

Riky Rick - Most Stylish Rapper in SA

There was also the shorts.

Riky Rick - Most Stylish Rapper in SA

But being a fashion would require one to break many of the rules that have come to define what’s acceptable. That’s why when asked about the criticisms, Riky Rick revealed that he’s really been losing no sleep.

“I’m not aware of anyone saying anything about me. I just keep it fresh all the time. I keep on top of things and on top of the case. I keep it simple all the time”, he said to TshisaLIVE. 

Most times though, Makhado is simply making headlines whenever he hits the red carpet, an act which he appears to take quite seriously.

Riky Rick - Most Stylish Rapper in SA

His Instagram page has become a vibrant constellation of his playful, yet effective taste in clothes. Fans have become used to being treated to high quality snaps depicting the rapper giving his outfits a visual story.

Riky Rick - Most Stylish Rapper in SA

And because Riky knows that his fans are appreciative of his fashion, he is rarely trotting without his photographer around. All the snaps here were captured by the talented photographer @Yeahlenzo, who is also making Nomuzi’s Instagram account pop.

Riky Rick Stylish
Riky Rick won the 2016 SA Style Award for The Most Stylish Performing Artist in SA.

Riky Rick - Most Stylish Rapper in SA

Snaps showing him with shopping bags are quite the thing over there.

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