Album Review: Black Motion’s Ya Badimo Is A Surreal Experience

Black Motion is back for another era of relentless excellence with Ya Badimo

Black Motion’s long awaited sophomore album, Ya Badimo,  has finally hit stores and an online platform near you.

In the past two years that fans have been waiting for this album, the duo solidified their brand as artists who are in the business solely for the art of it. They have also built a name for themselves as one of South Africa’s best live acts, incorporating authentic DIY choreography to their live performances.


And it’s no surprise.

‘Professionalism. Passion. Performance. Perfection’ are the keywords introducing their official website, all hallmarks which have become part of their grand production.

Black Motion Ya Badimo Review
Black Motion has become respected for their incredible live performances. Photo: BlackMotion

Fortune Teller’s sibling comes after months of relentless performances around the country. For the longest time, one wondered if they were planning a new body of work anytime soon, seeing that their live performances alone were enough to keep them in demand.

Black Motion Ya Badimo album review + album down link

It’s a thrill then, that Ya Badimo comes just before the end of what has been an incredible musical year – in time to naturally position itself as one of the best albums of the year. Amongst other things, the album has already premiered atop SA iTunes Album chart with minimal promotion and no visual elements to any of the songs.

So how does it sound?

Like a trance. It’s a journey in an African spiritual realm, a fact that speaks to the album’s title Ya Badimo – ‘For The Ancestors’ in Sotho languages.

This album, very much consistent with the unique styles and spirited themes of Fortune Teller, is also a progression of their work, story and art. It’s timeless, spiritual, futuristic-while-nostaligic, and very stylish. A lot of showmanship has been displayed on the individual songs.

It’s laced with authentic and organic African instrumentation against the backdrop of abstract and soulful vocals. For the most part, the songs are mid tempo with a strong focus on rhythm and coordination.

The use of organic instrumentation, obscure African sounds, all combined with the spirited vocals adds an incredibly liberating sense of authenticity.

You will love the timely collaborations. They are also timeless collaborations.

As we can rarely say, this is one of those albums you not instantly fall in love with, but never dare to skip songs in. Every song has a different touch and feel.

That said, some of the best in the album include Teenage Love Affair, Heartless Intentions, Africana, Lalela, Imali, So-Where-To, and Omo Udu. It’s hard to pick just a few from this well of beautiful music, but you can get away with that if you come to terms with the fact that you will be falling in love with different songs at different times of your life.

It’s also noteworthy that at a time where other musical genres have gained significant prominence on house music, Black Motion has remained solid in reminding us why house music has been at the forefront of the South African music industry. Instantly, the songs are timeless, groovy, inspired and soulful.

The album has been brewed to feed the heart that craves going back to basics. At the core of it’s astounding soul, it’s a celebration body of work in limitless forms, one being its its effortless yet grand artistry. An encounter with art in its Godliest form. So rooted, so solid.


  • Africana
  • Ya Badimo
  • Imali
  • Omo Dudu
  • Lalela
  • The Journey
  • Electronic Maskandi
  • Bambo Lwami
  • So-Where-To
  • uGayo
  • Teenage Lover Affair
  • Linde Wena
  • Heartless Intentions

Black Motion has done it again, and this time even better. We are excited to see what they will be doing about this one live on stage!

Will you be getting the album?

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