5 Reasons Brenda Fassie Is Still SA’s G.O.A.T

From beyond the grave, the inimitable Queen of African Pop is celebrating her birthday and legacy today

The 3rd of November marks Brenda Fassie’s birthday. There’s no need for us to go deep all deep discussing why she is one of Africa’s most iconic artists┬ábecause if your are old enough you know how incredibly untouchable she was before passing away in 2004, and if you are too young your parents have been going on and on about how the South music industry has been trash since her absence.

In celebration of the undisputed Queen’s birthday, we zoom in on 10 reasons she is will always be Mzansi’s most irreplaceable legend;

You’re The New Brenda Fassie

You know someone has truly left a mark when every new artist in the game’s highest compliment is that they are the next you. Everyone kinda knows there can only be one you, but the best way of saying ‘you’re going places’ is to say you are the next Brenda. And no shade, but really we are yet to blessed with an artist of as much cultural significance as Brenda Fassie

Her Record Sales Are Unmatched

Brenda Fassie recorded Weekend Special when she was 19 years old, and it remains to this day one of the best selling South African records. She was a teenager when she did that. Let that sink in.

Decembers Belonged To Brenda

Every black family knows that the festive season was mainly defined by what MaBrrr had decided to gift us. There’s no debates bout the fact that for decades she had the song and album of the year just because you were forbidden for attempting that Mariah Carey record at this family time of the year.

She Kept It Real!

The likes of Rihanna are admired for their extraordinary ability to have the cake and eat it. That is, they could be themselves, say the most ‘innaprioriate’ things and still be loved as hell by the nation. Who could forget that interview with Dreshni Pillay on YFM when Fassie said she needed some liquor?

She Is The Original Bad Bad

Brenda Fassie is synonymous with authentic self expression. She is loved by many for never failing to be herself without much care of how that affected her ‘brand.’ “You guys think you can get away with remixing my songs for free?”, she corners Oskido in the song Matshidiso.


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