‘I’ve Paid My Dues’: Miss Celaneous On The Lefemme Remix & Her Music

Rap sensation hailing all the way from the Mother City, Miss Celaneous has been in the hip hop circuit for over half a decade. In that amount of time she has seen it all and done it all, from behind the microphone as an MC, to the runway, whether its shot-caller in her many businesses or spitting hard bars her value to the culture is immeasurable. Real name Robyn Arendse is easily discernible from a fray of rappers out there, if its not her husky voice when reciting her rhymes, it could be her Afro that takes on a variety of colours based on her whim. The 30 year old spoke to us exclusive about her many business ventures, why she hasn’t released an album yet and about her appearance on the Lefemme Remix.


QuenchSA: What are the origins of the rap moniker Miss Celaneous?

Miss Celaneous: I have my fingers in many pots, from business, to entertainment, the service industry and the like, worn the t-shirt to the point that I could fall back on anything when boredom strikes. Miss Celaneous represents that mixture of anything and everything. You can’t really label it, in the music industry I’m not specifically bolted down to any genre. I’ve dabbled in House music, Rnb, EDM etc my style is ever changing from vintage, to tomboy, chic, hip-hop grunge whatever tickles my fancy at any given moment. It cannot be boxed with a label.

QuenchSA: When did it first hit you that music is what you wanted to do for a living?

Miss Celaneous: While flying for a reputable airline for 7 years and then realizing that I spent most of my time there writing lyrics in the corner of the galley instead of catering to passengers made me aware my focus had changed. I was no longer useful there and posed an unfair disadvantage to my colleagues and passengers alike. I left with a heavy heart and said goodbye to the steady higher than average income and hello to longer working hours and a start up entrepreneurial wage. The real hustle began that day.

QuenchSA: How would you classify your brand and style of rap?

Miss Celaneous: It’s hard to do that to be honest. It’s ever changing. One minute I’m rof and ombeskof, next I’m wispy and vulnerably romantic. I know it tends to confuse people but what the hell man keep up!

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QuenchSA: If it wasn’t music, what would you be doing?

Miss Celaneous: On the side I run my own events, express myself through my clothing label www.TSAKAPPAREL.com and my marketing services are contracted with a few local apps. If music were to be pulled up from under me I’d go full out into the apps I’m helping develop.

QuenchSA: When can we expect a full body of work from you?

Miss Celaneous: When people request it! I have material for 3 albums collecting dust, but what’s the point of putting it out if only a handful are interested. It costs money to put out an album and market it. It needs to make business sense. My followers who are interested in listening to a whole album are more than welcome to share my existing links and even request radio play. That way more people will be aware.

QuenchSA: If you could work with anyone in the country, which artist would you like to work with?

Miss Celaneous: Da Les, Proverb, Jimmy Dloodloo, Tamara Dey, GoodLuck

Miss Celaneous

QuenchSA: Is there a market for more conscious rap in South Africa’s hip hop climate?

Miss Celaneous: Yes I believe there is! However small, it is possible to create the need. South African music lovers must pull up their socks and support. If you ask you shall receive – if you really are sick to death of seeing the same artists and deejays on at the same events year after year, then do something about it. Retweet your favorite local artist consistently and request radio play. Tag the radio’s stations, if enough people do this, we shall have a bigger variety. Kim Kardashian doesn’t care about you, stop wasting your tweets on people that don’t contribute to your own economy.

QuenchSA: You were part of the Lefemme Remix. Was the nod to get on the remix expected?

Miss Celaneous: Yes. I’ve paid my dues!

QuenchSA: Was the Now Or Never Remix bashing Trap and commercial music?

Miss Celaneous: Not at all. It’s just to say that the general public are moving away from lyricism and moving towards the 808s instead. We all are still capable of listening and deciphering words, we shouldn’t give up on that basic way of thinking.

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QuenchSA: With August being Women’s month, what does the month represent for you personally?

Miss Celaneous: It represents the struggles that women in general go through, a time to appreciate all we do and sacrifice. Giving us a platform to openly discuss issues that we face knowing there’s that one month where we will be heard. It’s just unfortunate that we don’t get the light shined on us on a regular.

QuenchSA: What can your fans expect from you in the immediate future?

Miss Celaneous: A movie, keep watching this space and please keep retweeting.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpjI9WF21Fw]

Photo Cred: Instagram/miss_celaneous

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