Exclusive: Tweezy Discusses His Shift From Producer To Artist

It is a widely held belief that one ought to avoid getting high on their own supply. Award winning producer is going against the grain and producing beats for himself now. Durban-born artist, Tumelo Thandokuhle Mathebula, better known by his fans as Tweezy took some time out of the studio to chat with us his up-coming project. It is worth mentioning that Tweezy knows his way around the microphone better than one may think. He is formerly of Ghetto Prophecy, an eight member hip hop group that gave us hits such as ‘Oh My’ that were playlisted on high rotation on South African airwaves. Tweezy dropped the highly sought after street banger Ambition Remix earlier today, in hopes that it will replicate the original track’s success of getting over 100 thousand downloads in a month. Cava what he had to say.


QuenchSA: Please tell us where does the name Tweezy originate from?

Tweezy: Tweezy is short for N-Tweezy which comes from N20 (laughs). It’s a name I got in high school, I had a jacket with the N20 initials on it.

QuenchSA: What inspired you to move from being a producer to being behind a mic?

Tweezy: I’ve always sort of been behind the mic. Whether I’m recording my own song, lacing a hook or just guiding an artist with a reference. I just chose to focus on the production side of things and I decided to be an artist once I felt like I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to achieve as a mainstream composer and producer, I’d focus on being an artist.

QuenchSA: You’ve trended on Twitter on more than one occasion under the hashtag #Ambitions100k. What is that all about?

Tweezy: #Ambitions100k is a social media campaign I created to get my single, Ambitions to 100 thousand downloads. Thanks to the supporters and fans, I reached 100 thousand downloads in a month.

QuenchSA: With the local hip hop scene being more lucrative than ever, where do you see yourself in five years?

Tweezy: The game keeps changing so much lately and as an artist you have to adapt well with the changes to keep consistent. I don’t have plans besides making super great music for now…However I have a great interest in a lot of things, like fashion, marketing, business and brand management.Tweezy 1

QuenchSA: Are you an indie artist? With so many artists choosing to be under a record label, what are the advantages of remaining independent?

Tweezy: I’m independent. The joys of being independent is that you have creative and administrative control to your brand and music as an artist. It works well if you know what your doing… if you’re clueless about the industry being independent cold be tricky because you need financial assistance and industry guidance on the correct moves for your career…which a record label can help you with.

QuenchSA: Since there’s been a 90% local music policy on the airwaves, have you personally experienced a difference in contrast to the way things were before?

Tweezy: Besides a boost in local music airplay which has worked successfully I think we still yet to open doors for new talent that hasn’t been discovered but has a lot of good music.

QuenchSA: How much is a Tweezy beat?

Tweezy: 20k, 35k for three.

QuenchSA: When can we expect full body of work?

Tweezy: This month I’m dropping a 12 track EP called Fuego featuring Ambitions, Ambitions Remix as well as 10 more fire songs.

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