Exclusive: Chad Da Don Discusses The Next Step Of His Career

Chad Da Don interview
Former Family Tree artist Chad Da Don branched out of the record label in spectacular fashion and is not looking back. The future bodes well for the Pretoria born rapper following the start of his own record label DCM Entertainment that also released his debut album The Book Of Chad earlier this year. The album went all the way summit of iTunes charts, a testament of the artists growing stature in SA hip hop and fan base. We chopped it up with Chad to explore his come up, his step to being shot-caller and life after Family Tree.Chad Da Don (2)

QuenchSA: What is the background to your stage name Chad Da Don?

Chad: My name is Donovan Chad Mansoor so that’s how I basically played with it. I switched the first name with the second name around.

QuenchSA: When did it first ‘don’ on you that music is what you want to do for a living?

Chad: When I was about 16 years old I decided I loved this thing and that’s all I wanted to do.

QuenchSA: Since being out of Family Tree are you an independent artist now? What are the major changes you’ve had to adapt to?

Chad: Yes I am an indie artist. Just nothing at all to what I deem is right and trusting myself.

QuenchSA: When can we expect a full body of work from you?

Chad: I dropped my album this year and it went to number one on iTunes on debut,The Book Of Chad. I’ve got some exciting music this year but I’m not allowed to mention too much.

QuenchSA: How did the link with Redds come about and what does it mean for your music?

Chad: They spotted me up and they called me. It meant a lot, it was a lot of exposure on TV, I was the face of the advert. Even though it was a short advert but those things do well for you so it meant a lot for my music, a lot of people got to see me on that advert.Chad Da Don

QuenchSA: In a song you’ve come out saying that you more interested in the skill versus awards. How will you personally quantify the success of your output?

Chad: It’s determined by your fans, people that follow you and catch on to your music. The track I did was a totally different story and it was a personal thing. To answer your question, if people react to your music then you will win awards.

QuenchSA: Is it harder to gain commercial success as an English speaking rapper than a vernac rapper?

Chad: Yes most definitely because the masses in South Africa, the hip hop fans tend not to be that serious about lyrical content in English so there is a bit of a challenge but there is nothing wrong with a bit of a challenge.

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QuenchSA: Are you planning on releasing any visuals from The Book Of Chad?

Chad: Yes definitely! The video to my latest single Vibe will be out soon.

QuenchSA: What can your fans expect from you in the immediate future?

Chad: In the next month or so there will be a big thing about me and something brand new and fresh. I’ve got exciting things coming this year.

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