The Now Or Never Remix: Mzansi Hip Hop Getting A Facelift?

“Ya’ll need to know that they sell you bull**** music and they’re happy when they get plaques” – Shane Eagle voicing his take on they state of South African Hip Hop as the level of talent amongst the most commercially successful rappers comes under fire in new song. “It’s now or never”, they spit. “It’s time to change the game.

DJ Switch almost blew the internet on Wednesday when he finally premiered the remix to his latest hit Now Or Never.

The remix features a perfect blend of South Africa’s newest rappers and the industry’s most established kingpins as they host bar heavy 8 minute real-talk on the status quo.


But while the joint itself has impressed many a fan with its clean mid-tempo flow, bars and the impressive line up of some of the finest the local game has to offer, many have started wondering whether the new voices featured in the song represent the place local Hip Hop is graduating to.


And the question on hook is an effective one for initiating a dialogue about whether or not we can start thinking about a complete switch up on who we can expect to be dominating the scene in months to come; What happened to rap? 


Veterans Pro, Proverb and Reason are joined by the likes of Shane Eagle, Bigstar Johnson, Priddy Ugly, Zakwe, Youngsta CPT, Zakwe, Ginger Trill, Blaklez and Siya Shezi.

“If rappers are lacking the tact, they have to retract.”

Representing in that dynamic line up the different facets of what the vision board of mainstream Hip Hop should and could look like. That is, when actual lyricism and artistic showmanship become prioritized.

“A lot of you rappers are compromised.”

Here, we’ve got some Durban, some Cape Town, some vernac. We’ve got a lot of authentic street and a touch of the burbs. We’ve got new blood, we’ve got experts.

Then why wouldn’t Nasty C and A-Reece be part of the song, considering they are already touted as the future of SA Hip Hop? It’s a technicality, says DJ Switch. WATCH that below:


“I’m just glad somebody is asking why is nobody rappin’?”

We also have some shots being shot. In particularly, at the level of perceived mediocrity that defines the standards and the boundaries of the game for those on the come up. Book them, they say. They’ve got more to offer.

Your thoughts on the track?


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