Skeem Saam: The Gang That Has Captured The Nation!

South African primetime television is in a pretty good place right now, and Skeem Saam has been holding its own in terms of consistently keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

It’s not diffucult to see why.

The drama series explores some of South Africa’s most contentious issues, and with an impressive line-up of new faces to deliver these captivating stories, the show has managed to keep itself a trending topic on social media and millions of South African homes.

Skeem Saam

Starring amongst others the likes of Amanda Du Pont, Natasha Thahane, Eric Macheru and Shoki Sebotsane, Skeem Saam is a psychological thriller that chronicles the lives of three young men as they attempt navigating their way out of a deep, dark hole. It all began when they stole a car after a night of boozing. Though the three manage to unhinge themselves from the chains of the terrible secret that bound them together, they tangle themselves in a web of far more complicated scenarios.


But at the core of it, Skeem Saam really is about young people tackling the challenges that come with adulthood. And as we all know how difficult ‘adulting’ is, the youth on the show seem to duck some of the most vicious daggers.

Skeem Saam

As would be the case with most, these young people’s challenges do not happen in isolation. Despite all the mess, they remain rooted in families and families with a strong sense of stability and values.

Even as Kat was caught with weed in his school-bag, and as Tbose chased around Turfloop in search of his kidnapped son, the world itself remained stable. Granny was always waiting at home to lock the gate, no matter how bad things got out there in the world. The third season of Skeem Saam has been about transitions. From school to university, Turfloop to Johannesburg, gaining independence and from empty houses to empty nests.

The show boasts over 6 million daily viewers, thanks to the intriguing topical storylines.


Amanda DuPont, Shoki Sebotsane, Cornet Mamabolo, Clement Mamabolo, Patrick Seleka, Eric Macheru, Harriet Manamela, Bongani Masondo, Africa Tsoai, Natasha Thahane, Dieketseng Mnisi, Masilo Magoro and Elizabeth Serunye.


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