Sarah Langa’s Wardrobe Is Goals! Her 10 Enviable Looks

The Stylista‘s Sarah Langa could just be the most stylish girl in the country, but despite our crush on the fierce stylista and curator of fashion forward trends, a full audit on that statement is beyond our tiny budget. Still, it’s quite evident that the gorgeous model exudes effortless style and then flaunts it for the masses for something to aspire towards.

Talk about giving back!

“I live, breathe fashion”, she jots confidently on her bio for her growing followership of young women looking for something to help them explore their best selves. Here’s a look at 10 outfits we wish we 1) had and 2) put together exactly like that and 4) pulled off with as much finesse on our 5) banging bods!

Sarah Langa style

Every All-White party (someone needs to stop those) could use this as the benchmark for the antidote to boring, predictable and conformist. Can we have the dress Sarah?

Sarah Langa
Busty Display!

Refer back to the list we gave you at the beginning of this fashion explosion. But while we won’t all have that body, we can have just as much confidence in embracing whatever body shape we have and be confident and feeling a bit sexy.

Sarah Langa style

Lessons on how to rock something casual but still swaggy and eye-grabbing: #1) every thread counts. From the jacket to the shoes, don’t miss a spot.

Sarah Langa style

We will caption this the ‘I can’t see you, It’s a bit dark in here look’ that only the bold can pull off indoors. Don’t be too quick in taking your shades off if they are fab enough and your outfit is not overwhelming.

Sarah Langa style

If you don’t have a red dress in your wardrobe, get it. We can’t be discussing that. If you already do, grab your tut on how to rock it and not have it look dated.

Sarah Langa style

It doesn’nt take a genius to work out that Sarah loves her white. And she loves them demure, sexy, chic with an element of flirtiness. And she loves them accessorised within the ‘less is more’ commandment.

Sarah Langa style

Let’s go to Cape Town. Look expensive. Watch the dust, it’s windy. Don’t forget a few photo opps before hitting town, with the girls.

Sarah Langa style

Black is the new black, is the new black! What’s new? How you accessorise it.

Sarah style Langa

Subtle drapes, figure hugged = SEX. Bye.

Sarah Langa Style

This dress is hotter than you think. It manages to be sexy, demure, clean, architectural and simple all at once.

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