Dash’s Style Is Every Damn Thing! Evidence In 7 Looks

He recently joined VUZU as one of the presenters, and we have been delighting in seeing Dash on the telly on a regular now. One third of Dreamteam is not only easy on the eyes, but he is sure a man of many talents. But in addition to all of those things, its quite a thrill seeing that Dash, real name Mthoko, also takes time to put together some of the most visually appealing and fashionably coherent threads. Man, that guy can dress up! Take a look:

Dash Dreamteam style

That hat is every single thing! We love how he can switch between swag and debonair with equal finesse. And oh by the way, we know where you can grab that hat if you want to but we aren’t saying anything. Because you know, there’s no deal…

Dash Dreamteam style

And then there’s this. Here, the Durbanite simply proves that he is unafraid to try different things. Why be conventional when you can be the ish? The haircut is already a tell tale sign that Dash is certainly not the type to play it safe.

Dash dreamteam style

Okay let’s keep it real – the military looks does not necessarily scream au courrant when it comes to being very up to date with trends, but gosh! We love how he’s coordinated it with that hat here. He has a thing for hats, no?

Dash Dreamteam InstagramIf anyone can pull off sandals, it’s Dash. This whole look would not work on just anyone, may we kindly add. But he manages to make it look acceptable, somehow. We wonder if the cleavage shot has anything to do with it…

Dash Dreamteam style

Man, where to start here. The shades, that jacket, those kicks…

Dash Dreamteam style

This outfit is all about that shirt. And you know that.

Dash Dreamteam Style

Look, there’s no point in acting like an all-black outfit is not playing it safe, but we love Dash’s constant play on trendy with a dash of dapper. The golf T  and sandal take us to gentleman, while the cap and the black skinny jeans keep the element of swag evident. Dash Dreamteam style

Photo Credit: Instagram.com/DashRSA


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