Quit These 7 Hair Crimes & Bail Your Locks From Suffering

Have you made the decision to get a good natural hair care routine going? Growing, treating and maintaining healthy natural hair does not have to be an impossible nightmare that can only be handled professionally or with the use of processed chemicals. It all starts with simple tricks at home. Take a look at what NOT to do when you want to avoid damaging your already sensitive hair.
  • One of the biggest mistakes people make without even being aware is piling up the hair at the top and then rubbing it aggressively when putting on some shampoo. Don’t do it, it actually tangles up your hair.


  • Speak of the devil, avoid excessive use of shampoo. Give your hair a break from the use of chemicals and opt for more natural methods like co-washing.


  • Stop using a dry towel to dry your hair, particularly when you rub the hair back and forth. It’s enough, and safer, to firmly place the town around your head and allow it to absorb the moisture. You can always let your hair dry off on its own as well.


  • There is such a thing as over-combing and over-brushing your hair. Don’t do it unless you really have to. And also note, you can use your fingers to detangle your hair.


  • Also, don’t do the above when your hair is still wet unless conditioner has been applied thoroughly.


  • We are all for having fun with your hair and trying new hair trends that come with extreme styling, but keep caution against wearing hairstyle that result in tension on your hairline.

Quite easy, right?


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