Hawu, Girls? Simphiwe Dana & Ntsiki’s Nasty Feud Gets Legal

They are both outspoken and often get political on social media, so the heated Twitter exchange of catty jibes between jazz singer Simphiwe Dana and Ntsiki Mazwai on Wednesday came as a bit of a surprise. Ntsiki claimed in a series of explosive tweets unleashed to over 50 000 of her followers that Dana not only slept with married men to move forward in her thriving musical career, but that she is also an alcoholic. And now Simphiwe is considering legal action for defamation of character.

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It all started when Ntsiki claimed that artists such The Soil and Simphiwe Dana have made it with her help. When Simphiwe hit back saying she does not recall the said assistance, Mazwai lost it. That’s when she decided it was time to ‘expose’ the songbird.

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Dana has come forward to deny the allegations in an official press statement, slamming them as ‘false’ and ‘defamatory’.

And not only that, she will proceed dealing with the matter legally.

“Moving forward, Simphiwe Dana will be taking legal action against Ntsiki Mazwai for her tweets, as they may cause irreparable reputational damage to her personal brand and that of other brands that are in partnership with Ms Dana”,  the statement explains.

Ah, there goes a duet.


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