The ‘Buddyship’ Update: Maps & Nomzamo Heat Things Up In Miami

They continue captioning every single snap with each other with ‘BUDDYSHIP’ – all in full caps, but it looks like Nomzamo Mbatha and Maps Maponyane can no longer keep their alleged relationship under wraps. Everyone thinks they already know what is going on between the ‘BUDDIES’, as they insist on terming their oh-so-cute pictures of quality time spent goofing around and getting close in their social medias.

Maps Maponyane Nomzamo Mbatha
Maps was in Kwa Mashu for a visit last December. Photo Credit: Instagram

And if their globe trotting and cozy selfies are anything Olivia Pope would take seriously, their romance is a classic case of life mimicking art. The two first test drove each other, at least as far as kisses are concerned, as co-stars on last year’s move, Tell Me Sweet Something, in which they played an item.

Nomzamo Mbatha, Rick Ross
The two are currently spending quality time in Miami. Photo Credit: Instagram

Of course speculation that their romance might have gone beyond just the flick peaked during their hectic promotional duties, but they both went on record to deny it all at the time.


The after nine approach seems to have taken the back banner now, as the alleged couple has made off to complete their festive rest in Miami USA, where they have been posting snaps of US celebrities they rubbed shoulders with in between what one imagines to be quality time with the bae.

Some pretty hectic stuff has been happening in the country lately, we’d appreciate a confession from these two…


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