Quit Calling Emtee ‘Fam’ When You Don’t Know Him Like That

Award winning rapper Emtee has taken to his official Twitter account to tell his followers he does not want to be referred to as ‘fam’, ‘bro’ or ‘n*gga’ by people who don’t really know him – which pretty much makes up the better chunk of his emerging fan base. The Roll Up rapper sparked controversy and confusion with the tweets, whom many slammed as immature displays of arrogance for a rapper both so young and so new in the game.

Amongst this list is House music producer Heavy K, who said it’s far too soon for the rapper to be popping out a big head.

//platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsOuch! Though, Emtee later apologised for the random rant, claiming the whole thing was a joke.


Can you imagine that morning meeting with his PR manager?


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