‘I’m Not Poor, But I’m Broke’ – Dj Sbu Fesses Up To Being In Debt

This year just can’t end quicker for social entrepreneur Dj Sbu. Just when we thought the storms are clearing up for the relentless businessman, he revealed via his official social media pages that his energy drink business venture has left him searching his pocket. But, he is ready to leave us all understanding that he is still giving the business his all to move forward resiliently.

Although the media personality turned mogul has yet to air specific details around his alleged broke status, the likelihood that financial troubles emanate from his push to promote and make a success out of his energy drink MoFaya at all costs, literally, is serious.

Earlier in the year, he was fired from Metro FM for promoting the ‘flammable’ drink at an award show. He was also rumoured to have name-dropped the MoFaya beverage at a high profile funeral, although he slammed these rumours as nothing more than unsubstantiated slander.

The latest development that the energy drink has run dry Dj Sbu’s well of wealth comes as a shock for many.

Speaking through his Instagram account, real name Sbusiso Leope revealed that his attempts to generate hype around his energy drink has left his wallet thin and has since found himself in debt. Braving what seems to be an impending tide of tumultuous wave after wave, Dj Sbu’s snap taken from a beach in Mozambique that the MoFaya promotional campaign is currently on sees him manage to have a smile on his face despite the revelation.


The caption reads “This is not a holiday selfie. We at work. I’m not poor. But I’m broke. More broke than I have been in a long time. I’m deep in debt. Every last cent. Drop of blood sweat tears. Emotions. Energy. Everything has been invested in #MyStartUp . Been fired. Laughed at. Called crazy & more. Are you willing to risk it all for your dream?

If the multi-award winning producer’s track record is anything to go by, Dj Sbu will make a success out of this venture and will live up to his prophesied billionaire status.


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