Terry Pheto’s Ayanda Opens In The US!

2015 continues to be the year of Terry Pheto, and just before we warp things up – her film Ayanda opened at theatres across the US on Thursday this week. The movie, which we previewed prior to release HERE, will be shown in some of the biggest cities across the atlantic such as New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Houston, Detroit, Montgomery, Seattle, Calabash, Greensboro and Boston.

The screenings are being hosted by various platforms such as ImageNation and AfriPop.

We reported last month that Ayanda was picked up by US distributor Ava DuVernay, an acclaimed American director, screenwriter, film marketer and distributor. Most recently noted for her outstanding work as the writer and director for the movie Selma (2014), the award winning biopic chronicling the live of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, DuVernay became the very first African American director to have a film nominated for the Academy in Best Picture.

Such relentless slays are one of the reasons Pheto was featured in one of our Most Inspiring South African Young Women list released in August.

Congrats girl!


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