The Year Of Shade: 10 Celebrity Twars We Won’t Forget in 2015!

Tradition dictates that November be set aside as a sacred time to reflect on the year that was – all the victories and fails. And what a crazy year 2015 was! So kick things off as we edge closer to the end, we shine a light on all the shade that took place in celebrityland on social media when they suddenly went off their PR checklists to reveal inner ratchedry.


Who would have thunk? Chicken Lickin pulled a Nandos (see what we did there?) on Monday afternoon when they suddenly offered Orlando Pirates some of their fried chicken to help them grieve their Derby loss this past weekend. But as a retaliation, Orlando Pirates politely declined the offer, adding that they prefer their ‘chicken without the hair.’ And then accompanied all that spice with a Nandos flyer. Okay now that hurts, we weren’t ready.


They were once inseparable lovebirds, but these days Bonang Matheba and Euphonik don’t exactly flock together. This reality was made all that more explicit in August this year when the DJ got a bit salty. He weighed in on rife speculation that Nigerian heartthrob D’Banj had dumped the Queen B for an old flame. He posted shade plenty pics, one with some popcorn and another alluding to a certain person being a side chick. Though to be fair, he later came out to clear the air – saying he could not care less what happens in Matheba’s life. We believe him.


She is not one to pull any punches when it comes down to speaking her mind, so it could have been just another day in a life when Pearl Thusi was not sold on Beyoncè’s gown at the Met Ball earlier this year. She did not understand it. Which is one thing, but to speak ill of Bey in that part of the world is not always the smartest move, considering how protective they are of Mrs Carter. It soon degenerated into full on drag session between Thusi and Beyonce’s fans. Hilarious, yes. Check that HERE


Maps Maponyane was forced to admit that he just suffered a moment of stupidity recently when he dragged for a tweet he posted about the word xhosa meaning ‘angry man’ in the Khoi-San language. His epiphany was cut short when peeps were not impressed with the discovery. Well it all ended well after that admission at least.


Metro FM radio personality Unathi Msengana did not laugh back at all the sarcasm that stormed her timeline after she advanced an unpopular comment about black students protesting against Afrikaans at the University of Stellenbosch. They should have known what they were getting into, she opined. So she took a heated visit to a student’s DMs and gave her a piece of her mind. Amongst other things, she called the student a ‘psycho b****’, which got her suspended by the station. Read more HERE


Omuhle Gela and K Naomi aired all their laundry for all sundry in May this year when they suddenly plunged into a spicy twar over Lunga Shabalala. Naomi flew into a rage and checked Gela. “Lunga isn’t mine”, she jotted. “You can’t have him, this time not during my relationship.” But Omuhle was not take the blows from the sideline. She fired back “DURING your relationship? Clearly you lacked something…not my fault.” Ouch!

They blocked each other. And then deleted the tweets. The end.


A certain gossip site known for publishing everything to the freshest tweet about this recurring twar probably has an entire archive on the most documented feud in the country, but we aren’t there anymore. When allegations of an assault transpired earlier this year, we called it quits on following the relentless strife between the rappers, who went through 2015 firing shots at each other online, in songs and probably in toilets. It just isn’t fun anymore. But then again it was a big twar, this one.


The country woke up one Monday to find their timelines littered with jabs and shots between Dineo Ranaka and Twar Twitter regular Ntsiki Mazwai. It all began with a series of comments Mazwai made that morning about black women and weaves. Ranaka jumped in, pleading with Ntsiki Mazwai for a break from all the moaning. She also took the time to ask the fiesty poet to spend the time hitting the bathtubs. In retaliation, Ranaka was reminded of all the baby fathers she has. Check more of that tussle HERE


AKA’s shade detection device is quite on point, and will miss not a dagger that might possibly drag him. During the coldest days of 2015’s winter, the rapper launched a scathing tirade against DJ Black Coffee for insinuating that local rappers should start focussing on making music rather than busy themselves with the activities of ratchet Twitter. That is, greener pastures could be awaiting them if they brought down all the fighting on social media down a peg. All of that quickly degenerated into a full on war of words from AKA.


He pulls not a punch on social media and elsewhere, but the shade he unleashed on Ifani earlier this year still managed to make headlines. There, Keirnan questioned Ifani’s claim that his album had gone gold in a day. AKA said at the time that he had never seen anyone with an actual copy of the album, and that an energy drink company had bought all the albums for promotional purposes. The energy drink company denied it. It was a whole mess. It’s HERE


What’s worse than launching an attack on someone based on facts you got wrong? Attacking the wrong celebrity because they share a first name and happen to work on the same station. Yup, that’s exactly what went down this winter when Ntsiki suddenly opened fire on Pearl Modiadie because she mentioning something about Ntsiki only having one song. At least when it was brought to her attention that she had dragged the wrong person into the brawl, she rectified her mistake…by launching yet another attack on the other Pearl (Thusi).

And it’s all because someone said she has one song.


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