11 Most Chilling Quotes from The Wits Fees Protest

This week saw one of the most iconic youth moments South Africa has seen since the Soweto Uprisings in 1976. Wits students came together to fight against a 10.5 % fee increase that would lead to many aspirant young students from under privileged homes unable to continue with their studies because the fees are too high. They succeeded. We woke up on Saturday morning to news that the increase has been done away with. But as much as this victory is to be celebrated, much more can be learned from the inspiring resistance. Check out some of the most powerful quotes.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBA1cqfHiCI]

Earlies this week, we discussed the increasing role of social media in disrupting oppressive systems of power when a popular Twitter user was exposed there for having assaulted his girlfriend. It was not long before the digital space was transformed into a political space where other women who have been victims of physical abuse started displaying solidarity and urging others in similar situations to come forward. Similarly, the space was used to air silenced voices and give an inspiring visual life the heartbreaking plight of the students.

WitsMustFall Quotes

Some of the most chilling statements were being made by the young students themselves as they took the opportunity to talk back at the very power that denies them the opportunity to rise above the socio economic injustices that inform their pursuit of a higher education as a means to economic freedom.

What matters the most about the quotes selected here is they are made by young people directly affected by the unjust system that makes it hard to tell if education is a key to the future reserved only for those who can afford the said key.


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