Style Crush: Camera Ready Lootlove & Her Fashion Statements

When pictures are said to speak a thousand words the reference is never void of any impressions made by the clothes that one wears. Lootlove exemplifies camera readiness, with her unique style giving us sleepless nights. Friday nights are never complete without checking out the latest fashion trend that Lootlove is pushing.

Luthando Shosha has never been tight-lipped about issues she’s passionate about, leading us to the conclusion that she’s the full package – beauty and brains. Lootlove = Life Goals!!!

lootlovelyThe Live Amp presenter all the way from Eastern Cape has brought chic to the music show along with her unapologetic brand of presenting, a much needed breath of fresh air to the entertainment industry.

The former radio jock to Kingfisher FM has always embraced her unique outlook to life, championing self esteem rooted in an internal locus of control as opposed to superficial one.

Not without her own influence with her legion of adoring fans  who combine to reach just above 170k Twitter followers, the media personality has managed to stay clear of any squabbles, comparisons and bad publicity.

We cannot be held responsible for the way our hearts are swayed by her style especially in a world where looks and appearances have replaced wit and talent as the currency to which one can attain success in the industry.

LootLove QuenchSA Style Crush


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