Why ‘The Jakes Are Missing’ Should Be On Your Must See List!

2015 must have seen the most impressive departure from the nagging harassment to go and watch local films just because they are ‘lekker’, when really all it takes is a good movie sometimes. At long last we are being treated to some pretty refreshing world class local films featuring authentic South Africans stories. Next up on our radar is The Jakes Are Missing. At its heart, the Bianca Isaac written and produced flick tells a tale of love, courage and destiny. But first, the Jakes must flee the town from a mob of ruthless killers…
Uptight: Janice Jakes needs to tell Donald she wants out of the marriage.


The Jakes Are Missing chronicles the lives of an upper middle class black South African family, the Jakes, as they navigate contemporary life, curate impressive careers and race past challenges together. Janice and Donald, who’s marriage is smashed through the lower limits as they straddle home life and demanding careers, are hellbent on refusing to grant their son, Simon, his wish to pursue musical interests. For them and the higher echelon standard to which their lifestyle attends, Simon can do far better with his life than risk the fate of ending up struggling to make ends meet because he followed his heart senselessly.

Jakes Donal at breakfast
Donald Jake, the relentless workaholic will soon have to deal with his marriage possibly hitting the skids

Unable to contain his insatiable appetite for music, the youngest Jake in the house does exactly that one night when he decides to sneak out to a music event that might blight their lives forever. There, he finds himself not only being a key witness to a murder, but also manages to escape the scene in possession of the one treasure the criminals will stop at nothing to kill for – a certain microchip.

Jakes Bad Guys
Can the Jakes run away for ever?

It does not help that he drops his wallet containing all his personal information, arming the gang with a pretty good idea of his where he stays. By the end of that eventful night, Simon had more to worry about than getting his own break in music.

Jakes Simon & Paige 03
In a twist of event, Simon is pretty sure Paige is the one. But there’s an issue…

Forced into hiding for fear of their lives, the Jakes move into a secret remote location under the protections of Reverend Reynolds and his his family.  It is here that Simon meets Paige, the girl he reckons is the love of his life. She just so happens to be the reverend’s daughter. As destiny would have it, the unfortunate turn of events turn out to be a trail to Simon’s musical destiny as he enthusiastically uses his talent to revive the choir’s spirit ahead of a looming annual music festival. Little do they all know that the mob has finally figured out their whereabouts…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW473KEt9qw]


The film succeeds in portraying a modern day South African reality that diverges from the overplayed narrative of a scary reality. Instead, we are being invited to immerse ourselves with a story that is far more personal, local and relatable – a story unravelling from the common tragedy of forgetting what matters the most at the end of the day. You will also appreciate the solid cast that boasts some of the country’s most accomplished actors displaying genuine chemistry, the dry humour and of course – the charming young love story sprouting against the backdrop of a shrivelling older bond.


Mampho Brescia as Janice Jakes

Pope Jerrod as Donald Jakes

Mpho Sebeng as Simon Jakes

Nomzamo Mbatha as Page Reynolds

Darlington Micheals as Reverend Reynolds

Abigail Kubeka as Grace Reynolds


Nicole Bailey as Jenny

Heidi Mollentze as Mary-Anne

Celeste Ntuli as Candi

Dirk Stoltz as Tumbleweed

Zaakeya Patel as Nancy

The Jakes Are Missing opens in cinemas on the 23rd of October 2015.


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