Ain’t You Clued Up On Goerge Lebese? Check Your Free Lecture

There are many reasons why Goerge Lebese is possibly the most relevant soccer player in the country right now, and yet we reckon not everyone’s head conjures up the same things… Whatever fuels the popularity of the 26 year old Kaizer Chiefs midfielder other than his stellar performance lately, you have come here because you care about issues of national importance. You have come to the right place – here’s what you need to know about Lebese for now until further notice!


He was born on the 23rd of February 1989, our invitation to his birthday party got lost in the mail earlier this year but here’s to holding thumbs for the next just months from now. Let’s Olivia Pope this out. One, that makes him 26. We are not sure why that matters since age is just a number but now you know. Two, it makes him a Pisces – sensitive, insightful, a bit reserved and a straight shooter. On a side note, we know getting creative about ages in the world of sports is no rarity but he really is 26.

facts- Goerge lebese

He was born and raised in Mamelodi, Pretoria. That makes him pretty relatable and you know South Africans love nothing more than an opportunity to say, ‘he’s one of us!’ even when that is no longer terribly true. At least not on pay day…


We were completely sleep on this one – Lebese actually once dated Bucie! Allegedly. Who would have thunk? But then again, hence this article.

Back to him being a brilliant soccer player, he joined Kaizer Chiefs officially in 2008 and has kept that job until now. That makes him type A personality. That is, he is a super focused goal oriented professional who keeps his eyes on the poles. Just kidding, we know nothing about his personality but we bet some of you would rather he kept his eyes on you.

In more soccer facts, has reported that the player was offered an impressive deal by Turkish team Balikesirspor but turned it down to remain at Amakhosi. He’s loyal.

He landed in hot water earlier this year when he signed an endorsement deal with PUMA back door. Kaizer Chiefs found out and had the deal cancelled and chucked out. The whole deal was a total ambush, said the club’s football manager Bobby Motoung at the time before adding, “we have since dealt with Puma and are dealing with the player.” Imagine the tantrums.


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