Splitsville: ProVerb & Onalerona Officially Calling It Quits?

It’s turning out to be quite the season of high profile celebrity break ups as rapper ProVerb is said to be filing for divorce from his wife and high school sweetheart, Onalerona. The couple, who have been happily married for ten years and are proud parents of two kids, are reportedly headed for splitsville after it emerged earlier this year that Onalerona has been cheating with a wealthy businessman.

For weeks after the rapper shocked fans by taking to Twitter to disclose that his wife had been having affair, the public was led to understand that the couple is working on their troubled marriage.


Not anymore, if reports fuelled by ProVerb are anything to go by. Pro is quoted on the latest issue of Drum Magazine confirming that while he cares a great deal for Onalerona, the sobering reality of the highly publicised extra marital affair between his potentially soon to be ex-wife and the alleged businessman has driven a wedge between them. The rapper adds there that he is ready to start a new life without Onalerona.

“My sole focus is one raising my kids”, says the rapper to the publication. “I don’t have faith in my marriage anymore, because I feel like I have been living a lie for 10 years. Now at least I know the truth, so I can move on.”

Although speculation has been rife for a while that the childhood sweethearts are considering divorce in the wake of the cheating scandal that rocked happy marriage, these news will shock many as it has been believed they are patching things up.


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