Ntsiki Mazwai’s Twitter Explosives: Has A Line Been Crossed?

“I think if you’re female and support ANCYL you’re an idiot”, jotted Ntsiki Mazwai in one of her latest digs. “You truly are. Women were not even considered for leadership.” It gets better. “ANC just wants your panties.” And that, ladies and gents, is the stuff we have become accustomed to with the controversial poet. At the same time, the constant rants are not really part of the furniture just yet, seeing she manages to execute a bigger blow every week with improved finesse.

Love her or hate her, Ntsiki Mazwai has become a constant topic on the soil of South African Twitter. And to say her radically transgressive and explosive tweets targeting famous personalities, their weaves, decisions to purchase cars they can’t afford, politicians et al are polarising, is somewhat of an understatement.

Oh no, not when she occasionally ends up making headlines for yielding crops in her growing bodycount of victims who have been dealt the hard lashes. Sometimes on Monday morning, sometimes on Wednesday afternoons –  there we go.

For these reasons, her claims of being a victim of cyberbullying were rubbished by many when she appeared on a television show to speak against the issue. It did not help much that she picked up a fight with Dineo Ranaka on the wee hours of a certain Monday, barely three days after lamenting the toxic state of the platform. Ranaka, who also pulled no punches, was called out for having several baby daddies.

Just last week, Mazwai found herself exactly where some people suspect she most envisions herself, the spotlight. The poet called out the ANC youth league for having only one woman in their 5 key positions.

While her tweets were greeted with ton of backlash, some commanded her bravery.

Indeed to many, her fearless advocacy is admirable. But to others like TV presenter Lerato Kganyago, there are better ways of being critical. One does not to ‘go there’.

But while many of us are still grappling with the issues she raised in these tweets, Mazwai has already moved on to bigger fish – minister of Sports and Recreation Fikile Mbalula. We are now learning that Mbalula has been organising girls for top politicians and he is promiscous.

“Mbalula has too much dirty laundry to be talking about me smoking ganja”, she charged. “Like the girls he organises for politicians”


Quite refreshing, this whole thing. Who wants to take a guess on who’s next in line to be lashed?  That remains to be seen.

What is far more interesting than that, though, is what her game plan really is. Is she simply an advocate for rights and self expression, or is she labouring hard to hog every possible headline by bullying a within an inch of their life to stay relevant?

You tell us!


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