Dang, She Goes No Where! 10 Years Of Khanyi Mbau

She now boasts a solid career most her peers can only dream of, but Khanyi Mbau’s life and career in the public has been everything but the proverbial stroll in the park. Although she now hosts her own TV and radio shows, has become the go to girl for brands from Khosi Nkosi to Mayo, and she inspires many young women to be relentless in pursuing their very wildest dreams, the picture has not always been this way.

Khanyi Mbau

It feels like just minute ago when Khanyi was all over the newspapers for being the most noted sugar baby in the country. Almost every day starting ten years ago when her flashy extravagant life caught the nation’s attention, Mbau’s scandals ranging from affairs with married men twice her age, muthi scandals, leaked nude photos, lavish splurges and reports of financial troubles frequented the front pages of every publication.


It is not an exaggeration to say many have anticipated eagerly her spiral into oblivion. She had lived her life so wrecklessly, it was thought. Her displays of wealth and excess would soon blow up in her face. In fact, she had to sit on the couch next to Deborah Patta once on 3rd Degree, to defend her fearless approach to life. She took this opportunity to own up to the fact dating rich men was how she planned to play the game, and that she was unapologetic about it.

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