Kicking Down Doors With Sbusiso Leope

Sbusiso ‘DJ Sbu’ Leope is certainly a man of many hats. And with each hat worn, impeccability is expected. The Tembisa bred entrepreneur has done it all from being a radio presenter on the country’s highest rated radio shows, producing albums that landed in annual top 10 best sellers in the country, released a best selling book independently and having a hand in building from ground up one of the country’s most successful record labels.

It makes little sense then that we don’t see enough of him being snatched up by the big corporates. Or, being given more of the platform others are given for doing far less.

But that might just because Dj Sbu has gone through the better part of 2015 ruffling feathers of the elites. It’s just six months since he went head on with Forbez, the very magazine known for marking the benchmark for success. He also had a fall out with his former employer Metro FM for pushing his grind outside the contractual framework. For some, it seemed like Leope was losing the plot.

Except, he came back weeks later with a promise of his very own online radio station in the works.

Recently, Leope added something far more impressive to his diverse portfolio – dabbling in retail. His energy drink MoFaya is making strides in the market. As if that is not enough, the former Metro FM presenter plans to add toilet paper and bread as part of the essentials he wants to boast the founder of. He will be juggling that with a business show on CNBC. Kicking Doors With Sbu sees him collaborating with a prestigious business magazine for 30 minutes with a focus on entrepreneurship, leadership and empowerment.

Speaking to News24 about the show in August, Leope emphasised how his journey from a rough background informs this show.

“I’m living proof of what my show is all about. I’m a struggling entrepreneur. I’ve got challenges all the time, but I kick down doors, I make things happen”, says the South Africa Of The Year Awards 2015 multiple nominee.

In all of this, Sbu has made it known that he seeks not security, predictability and safety. Instead, he wants to roll with the big dogs, and prove to young black African entrepreneurs from disadvantaged that in the posession of sheer determination, nothing can stop you.

Watch and learn guys, watch and learn!


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