Clive Naidoo’s Mouth & Camera Become Overnight Sensation

This weeks proved that public servants stay ready to flex their muscle at the first sight of disrespect…or a version of it. The latest casualty was Clive Naidoo from Bloubosrand who was stopped by a metro cop who claims he skipped a red robot.

Unbeknownst to the rest of us when did the camera come out, an argument ensues and the metro cop insults Clive after he insisted she provide evidence of the traffic contravention. It is at this point that Clive informs the metro cop that he pays her salary.

Like a script out of a comedy show, the metro cop takes her time writing Clive a ticket to ensure he gets all the footage he needs for his video. She starts taunting Clive, saying she always wanted to be on television because her father will be proud of me. Check it out, intriguing stuff.

As the video went viral, Clive as well as his place of residence, Bloubosrand, managed to trend simultaneously on Twitter with memes and all.


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