OMG When He Pouts! Role Model Hero & Bae Anaso Jobondwana

Not only are we super proud of Anaso Jobondwana’s stellar performance at the the IAAF Championships in Beijing – where he was able to snatch up a bronze medal, we are also obsessed with his sort-of pout! Who has that┬ámuch of a chilled face when they run that fast?

And fast is merely an understatement here.

Jobondwana caught the world’s attention last week when he set a new record on the 200m men’s final.

He crossed the line in just 19.87 seconds, beating Usain Bolt who only managed a close 19.55 seconds.

We can a lot about aspiration from this 23 year old, and we can also take some tips on how ‘not bothered’ actually looks like during the act of chasing one’s dreams.


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