Controversial drug Nyaope enters the ‘legalise it’ convo

A professor at the University of the University of Pretoria has taken up a very controversial stance by suggesting that nyaope be legalised, according to recent reports on TimesLIVE. But before you throw a stone, hear him out first – he is very educated after all.

Prof Jannie Hugo has worked a lot with homeless children affected the hardest by the highly addictive drug, and now believes that it is within the best interests of the fight against the scourge to shift the conversation from the criminal element of the drug to the actual problem

“Legalise the drug”, he said. “I’m not apologetic about it. I know there might be other effects but we work with nyaope-addicted children and I am telling you, it would be better if the thing was legal”.

As to exactly why he would take on this seemingly radical stance, Hugo explained that legalising implies the capacity and ability to control.

“We need to focus on controlling it but now the focus is on the crime part of it.”

The National health department has of course come forward to say, well, nope.

Does the professor have a point or is he out of line? Talk to us in the comments section below



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