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Defiant Girl! Our 5 Minutes With The Inspiring Thando Thabethe recently caught up with the gorgeous Thando Thabethe as she opened up about her social activism against women abuse, thriving career and her sights for Hollywood. Check in!



She already boasts an extraordinary career in her field as an actress, TV and radio presenter, so it intrigued many that Thando Thabethe also found time to fit in social activism to her busy schedule. We reported at the beginning of women’s month that the captain of all trades’s Make It Stop campaign sought to initiate a dialogue about women abuse in South Africa, so we had to catch up with her to explore these gutsy efforts, how she juggles that with her busy career and what her end game is.

QuenchSA: Give us a run down of how the Make It Stop campaign and the Thando Thabethe Women’s Day Netball Challenge came about. And well, why this?

Thando: Well, I started the Netball Challenge last year so this would be the second year that it’s happening. It was the first year for the Make It Stop campaign and that was an addition the Netball Challenge. The reason behind it is because women abuse is something that is very close to my heart. I watched my mom being beaten up by my dad. So it’s something that I have been affected by and now I have the platform to be the voice.

Thando Thabethe Make It Stop Campaign

Thabethe’s #MakeItStop campaign featured fellow actresses donning made up bruises to start the conversation

QuenchSA: What has been the reaction?

The reaction has been amazing! I have had amazing young women come up and tell their stories for the very first time. Ladies that were hiding that their boyfriends were hitting them are now coming out and saying when I have said that this had happened… “actually he has beaten me up.” So I think that at least it got the dialogue going.

“Whatever it is that you want to do, just start.”


QuenchSA: You mentioned earlier that the domestic situation at home sparked your interest in social activism. Is it something you have always wanted to do?

Thando: No… it’s not something I have always wanted to do, I won’t lie. But I realised I could make a difference because I have had the experience.

QuenchSA: With all that you do, how do you find the time to juggle everything?

Thando: (Giggles). I think you can always make the time for things that you want to do, so I make time.

Thando Thabethe My Perfect Family

The actress wants to take her acting career to Hollywood.

QuenchSA: Who has always inspired you?

Thando: I was always inspired by my mom. Her strength, her tenacity and her intelligence. 

QuenchSA: What’s the one thing that your fans would be surprised to find out about you? 

Thando: That I’m actually a gym fanatic!

QuenchSA: Where does your ambition actually come from?

Thando: I think, maybe, the way I was raised had a lot do with it. Nothing was given to me on a silver platter, I’ve always had to work for everything…

Thando Thabethe Nivea South Africa

Amongst her many gigs, she is also the face of Nivea South Africa. Image: Facebook,com/ThandoThabethe

QuenchSA: You’ve had a super successful career already. What’s next for you?

Thando: Hollywood!

QuenchSA: And your message for women during women’s month?

Thando: They need to realise that everything is within their reach. If you really want to make things happen, you can make things happen. I started out with something really small and it turned out really bigger than I had ever imagined. The thing would be to start. Whatever it is that you want to do, just start.

QuenchSA: Do you consider yourself a role model for young?

Thando: I think even I don’t, I am a role model. For the mere fact that you are put on certain platform, you have the responsibility to act in a certain way because there are people out there who are watching and who look up to you.


DJ Zinhle & AKA – Are They Really Back Together?

New backstage pictures spark rumours of an AKA and DJ Zinhle romantic reunion



DJ Zinhle and AKA back together?

We’ve been part of the DJ Zinhle – AKA – Bonang rollercoaster for so long that in another world, we’d all be invited to the family cookouts.

While we aren’t, damn… is everyone involved!? Snaps of DJ Zinhle sharing a kiss on the lips backstage at his recent AKA On The Orchestra concert got everyone immersed again this past Monday.

DJ Zinhle and AKA back together?

… Just us family here! Photo Credit: DJ Zinhle via Twitter

DJ Zinhle popped in to support the rapper for his big moment at Times Square in Menlyn, Pretoria.

Glimpses of an awe inspiring backstage gathering of the AKA’s loved ones – including their daughter Kairo, and AKA’s parents, came along with one picture of the two sharing a kiss that many have seen as going far beyond the  co-parenting call of duty.


Well, are they back together?

Both Zinhle and AKA have remained tight lipped on the subject, even though AKA did alter some of the lyrics on his hit single – Beyonce, during his performance at Times Square.

The Touch My Blood single, which was rumoured to have been dedicated to Bonang, his ex, was remixed with “Thank God me and my baby mama are in a better place.”

AKA, DJ Zinhle

The Beyonce single came hot on the heels of his highly publicised split from Bonang, whom he began dating after breaking up with DJ Zinhle over cheating allegations.

The DJ and entrepreneur claimed in a heartfelt blog that AKA and Bonang had been seeing other behind her back, during her pregnancy.

Almost two years after AKA dubbed his former relationship with Bonang “the pinnacle of South African pop culture”, he’s now moved on to other things. The latest photos have fans thinking he’s really moved on, or back with, DJ Zinhle.

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Thando Thabethe Slammed Over ‘Open Up The Industry’ Defiance

Thando Thabethe joins Lerato Kganyago in challenging #OpenUpTheIndustry



Photo Credit: Thando Thabethe via Instagram

She’s one of the hardest working women in the South African creative industry, and there’s no shred of doubt that a lot of hard work goes into juggling the many projects Thando Thabethe dabbles in.

But, Thabooty ruffled feathers when on Wednesday, the multi hyphenate media personality and entrepreneur was ensnared in the throes of a public counter-blast following her tweets on the persistent #OpenUpTheIndustry movement.


Thando, who feels that she’s “worked very hard” to get where she is, does not believe that there’s any capacity for her to open anything up, especially seeing she does not really call the shots. “I will be damned before I’m told to open up the industry!!!”, she wrote.

“Open it up for yourself like all of us did!!! To this day… I audition!!! I’ve worked very hard to get where I am…and I’m only just getting started.”

The actress followed with many more tweets expanding on her sentiment.


Thabethe’s tweets sparked a dialogue about the rarity of opportunity vs. entitlement. Your thoughts?

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Nomzamo’s Activism Put On Blast on Twitter

Nomzamo apologizes for taking a picture with Arthur Mafokate at the ANC’s election manifesto launch in Durban.



Nomzamo Cosmo Activist Cover

Black Twitter opened up the floodgates on Sunday to release a furore of attacks directed at TVs Nomzamo Mbatha for taking a picture with former 999 head Arthur Mafokate. Both were in attendance at the ANC’s election manifesto launch in Durban on Saturday where the picture was taken. The backlash was sparked in relation to the actress’ Cosmopolitan Magazine cover for the Activist issue. At the time when the issue dropped, there was much uproar in the Twitter streets as tweeps were of the opinion that she wasn’t deserving to grace the cover.


Twitter objected to Nomzamo’s picture, seemingly all smile with Arthur who has a history of women abuse.

Nomzamo was quick to defend herself, taking to social media to detail how the picture came about. The was also masses of fans that came to her defense, arguing that the picture shouldn’t cloud all the work that she’s done to advance women empowerment.

The ANC further distanced themselves from the disgraced Kwaito artist, stating that he was not invited to the manifesto. “The African National Congress condemns the conduct of Arthur Mafokate at its Manifesto Launch rally on 12 January 2019 when he stormed the stage uninvited and caused undue mayhem. While the ANC has worked with and supported Mafokate over many years, however, reports of his alleged abusive conduct towards a female accomplice go against the values and policies of the ANC which denounce gender-based violence,” the ANC said in a statement.

Will Black Twitter ever give Nomzamo a break? Is her apology accepted? Leave a comment below and continue the conversation.

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