Interrupting Public BreastFeeding Could Soon Be Illegal

Those who are always having mini heart attacks when they see women breast feeding their babies because women’s breasts are not appropriate for them to see in public could soon be having hard time with the law, if a proposed bill by a radical women’s movement has it’s way.

According to IOL, Normalise Public Breastfeeding In South Africa (NPBSA), a social movement group consisting of 700 women, has submitted a bill recommending an official ban on stopping or interfering with women while they are breastfeeding in public.

While breastfeeding is not illegal in South Africa, NPBSA asserts that the social reality is not quite conducive for women to breast feed due to stigma attached to the natural practice. In fact, this shaming has led many women to breast feed their children either strictly behind closed doors or in alternative, often unhygienic spaces. And for what?

The bill was received with open arms by the office of health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi.

“The nation should be angry and be ashamed of those people who are discouraging mothers to breast-feed their babies”, the office’s spokesperson is said to have charged.


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