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(WATCH) Tips On How To Kick Start Your Journey To Long Dreads

Many people have wondered how to kick off the process of growing, styling and maintaining dread locks from the ground up. Watch this How To Style & Guide with product info by Damian Walter



Many people have wondered how to kick off the process of growing, styling and maintaining dread locks from the ground up. Watch this How To Style & Guide with product info by Damian Walter



Phiwe Takes Township Street Fashion To The Digital Age!

An ambitious young student is shaking things up in townships across the east and south of Gauteng, bringing edgy fashion in the streets through digital platforms.



The intersections of fashion, identity and the digital space as a fascinating matrix for re-imagining who we are would surely make for an interesting conversation over a drink. But for one young lady who is shaking things up in her doorstep and far beyond, these overlapping worlds are not only different facets of a bigger picture – they present great business opportunities. Aphiwe Radebe, 21, has curated a niche for herself selling vintage clothes and styling events in the township. And, here is where it gets interesting, she has found sharp and potent ways of using social media to reach her clients and to generate connections between people who share a common love for good clothes.

Phiwe Street Fashions

We had an inspiring chat with the brains behind a thriving vintage and street wear fashion business targeting township youth through digital media. Brimming with potential and an unmistakeable zeal for exploring new ways of bringing fashion to the local street, the bold visionary opened up about Thee Phiwe Street Fashions, how it all came together and her end game.

Phiwe Street Fashions

Thee Phiwe’s Street Fashion was birthed in 2014 merely as a Facebook page in which Aphiwe posted different pictures of herself showcasing her authentic style and unique fashion combinations. The page gained instant traction and amassed over 1000 page likes within weeks of its presence on the platform. Later, she branched out to Instagram to exploit more possibilities within the space.

Amongst other brands she has worked with are Button & Dnepe, Fellow Feeling, Pure African Breed and Leono & Roses.

Aphiwe Street Fashions

What many of her clients from townships across Ekurhuleni and the south would not suspect, however, is that she too had to hold an ordinary job in retail before plucking up enough courage to pursue her own passion.

Thee Phiwe Street Fashions

A few months before taking her love for street vintage to social media, Phiwe had  been juggling her studies at the University of the Witwatersrand with a retail job in Braamfontein. It is here that something in her was sparked and she knew she wanted more. She wanted to start her own pop up clothing store from the garage back at home in Katlehong.

Thee Phiwe Street Fashions

While the side job helped her to gain some hands on experience in the field towards which she aspires so fearlessly, it was not enough. Quite the opposite – it awakened her to the unmet demand for cool, fashion forward unique clothing and statement pieces back at home and similar neighbourhoods.

“The idea of opening the store was to help local designers to have a platform in selling and advertising their own designs/brands hence some of the clothes in my store are designed or tailor made”, she says.


Returning home for the holidays gave Phiwe the chance to focus on her business. But while she has been doing pretty well for herself, she asserts that this is just the beginning. There is a bigger vision on the cards.

“The bigger plans for my business is to work with a lot of local designers and for Thee Phiwe’s Street Fashion Store to sell their clothing ranges nationally and internationally through the online shopping website” she shares.  “Thee Phiwe’s Street Fashion is also planning to host fashion shows in showcasing the new ranges, to promote and motivate designers.”

IMG-20160111-WA0009 IMG-20160111-WA0016 IMG-20160111-WA0018

However, despite her successes in unearthing her market in the township, Phiwe confesses that some of the items she offers are first met with a culture shock by most in the local townships.

“I must say that the fashion sense or style that I sell in the store, people in the townships are not familiar with, hence it takes them time to understand the clothing ranges I have in store.”

But not even that will deter her from her big goals.

“I want to host events like fashion shows and flea markets for other store owners to showcase their work and art.”

Get hold of Aphiwe via Thee Phiwe Street Fashions Facebook page by clicking HERE

You can also place your order by calling or Whatsapp – 084 493 2273.

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Zizo Beda & Mayihlome Tshwete Tie The Knot

Zizo Beda married her Home Affairs spokesbae this weekend.



Zizo Beda and Mayihlome said their ‘I do’s’ on Saturday afternoon at a star studded wedding in East London, reports have revealed. The wedding, which is said to have boasted President Jacob Zuma amongst other high profile attendees, was an intimate love fest with close friends and family of the media personality and Home Affairs spokesperson.
Zizo beda traditional wedding dress

Zizo is seen her looking regal in her traditional wedding dress. Photo Credit: TshwaneFM via

It appears love is in the air for celebrities this festive season. Zizo and Mayihlome’s nuptials come a week after Castor Semenya tied a knot with her long time girlfriend, and also just died after we all found out that Pearl Modiadie is now an engaged girl! Well, congrats are due to all of them.

zizo beda mayihlome tshwetewedding

The lovebirds swore to stand by each other in times of health and sickness

zizo beda wedding zizo-beda wedding zizo-beda wedding zizo beda wedding

Photo Credit:

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How OkMalumKoolKat ReDefined Street Culture In 2015

Too few can fault AKA for accusing prominent young rappers of not being as honest as they should about taking far more than just the odd tip from OkMalumKoolKat’s inexhaustible black book.



If you had no idea who OkMalumKoolKat was and had to close your eyes to guess the era he came from in history, in which era would you place him? Naturally, you would have to go through his pictures, watch his videos, listen to his songs, the whole shebang. But while we trust you to be smart enough to be accurate in your guess, we bet you that exercise would make you realise how much Simiso Zwane simply prefers to live in different worlds and times. Not exactly unheard of, right? Except, he has also managed to make his perception of cool the standard from which young people come to seek counsel.


Too few can fault AKA for accusing prominent young rappers of not being as honest as they should about taking far more than just the odd tip from OkMalumKoolKat’s inexhaustible black book. Indeed, it his very signature fashion sensibility, intricate yet effortless dance moves and care free outlook on creativity that has seen been replicated the most this year. It has become commonplace to see an emergence of younger artists who’s interpretation of cool is grounded on the swaggy rapper’s noted street appeal.


But here’s why we reckon MalumKoolKat, who was recently profiled by GQ Magazine as a style icon, has come to bear legitimate authority as the custodian of contemporary South African street culture; his influence straddled music genres, fashion styles, youth movements and transcended the constraints of time bound


What we mean by the latter, to be specific, is that he is the guy wearing outfits from different eras and cultures during his performance. The traditional Zulu pants or sandals have not been new for a few milleniums, yet they come to be rebelliously meshed with avant garde statement pieces and finished off with a giant racer Boyz N Buckz t shirt. Yet again, 100 Macasettes deploys classic Kwaito instrumentation and post apartheid street simplicity that shaped much of the youth culture that emerged at the dawn of a new South Africa. It is not the references from different worlds that we find intriguing, so much as how he has married them so freshly that he made reluctance to confirm the default.1209_ZA_SmisoZwaneAlthough his noteworthy talent and bold aesthetic have rendered him not one so easy to ignore, it was not until the other day in Braamfontein that his brewing legacy became all the more apparent and worthy of a full investigation. We crossed the robots in the bustling streets in the home of alternative and experimental young things, to a group of some young students playing 100 Macasettes. They were approximating his entire essence; dancing exactly like him, dressed like him and having a moment to fully immerse themselves with his art where it originated – the streets.


Of course, the mere notion that one person can have a god-like impact on youth culture in South African youth culture is both at once absurd and ridiculous. And yet, we find ourselves gravitating towards similar definitions. Boys N Buckz and their influence in music, lifestyle and fashion cannot be denied. And ahead of that pack is OkMalumKoolKat. The guy at the centre of viral dance craze, Slyza Tsotsi.

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