New Couple Alert: Maps & Nomzamo Are Getting Cosy

We saw this one coming deep from the bundus.

Apparently Nomzamo Mbatha and Maps Maponyane are secretly seeing each other and you don’t know anything about it.

The pair have been throwing hints on their social media accounts, in which they have been posting subliminal messages about ‘soul mates’ and ‘people that make them smile’, as well as posting lovely pics of their separate vacation, which coincidentally happen to be in the same place.

This should come as no surprise though, seeing as the co-stars have already been smooching up a storm, at least in their upcoming romantic comedy Tell Me Sweet Something. So if they were to actually become in real life, they would have already test driven.

Let’s not kid though, this could be a false alarm, it could be a stunt to generate publicity for the movie, could be unsubstantiated rumour, it could be us playing match maker.

Which ever it is, they are totally a power couple waiting to happen these two.


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