Haters Gon’ Hate: Cyberbullies On Your Facebook Album

Remember the old adage that it’s actually some people’s JOB to seek out the imperfections in your life and expose them?

Social networks have birthed new age archaeologists and harnessed their skills. There are people who befriend  popular  on social media for the sole purpose of unearthing relics in your photo albums.

The first time one received a smart phone resembled something close to the release from incarceration after a long sentence (I stand corrected). Back then pictures could were not doctored, edited or improved. The joy came from the ability to take pictures and share them with friends. Today, the lighting and temperature of the picture is the difference between an ugly and beautiful image.

The latest casualty was Queen Twerk and her younger self were put on blast as old photos of herself indicated a colossal difference to the person she is today. Nowadays she trends on social media every single time she posts a picture of herself. Cues Kanye West POWER song.QuenchSA Shade Filez

So what do we take away from this:

Change your Privacy settings: If one does not have the full intention of sharing their pictures with the rest of the world it can be so. Change the privacy settings to your preference.

Delete old pictures: In the event that you may have pictures that may be used against you, delete them on social media. One can first save them on their hard disc to view them in their personal capacity.

Check your request: Before you accept a friend request, first acquire sufficient information about the suitor to avoid embarrassment in the future.


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