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INTERVIEW: Touching Base With Rising Uzalo Star Ntokozo TK Dlamini

We recently caught up with Uzalo actor Ntokozo Dlamini, who plays the part of the villainous Mastermind Maphumulo on the country’s highest rated show. Check out the full exclusive interview



Ntokozo Mastermind Dlamini Exclusive interview

Ntokozo Dlamini has secured a cosy spot inside millions of South African homes, inside which we invite him as the vile and troubled Mastermind Maphumulo on SABC 1’s Uzalo. Although the 24 year old Pietermitzburg born and bred actor is acing his role on the popular telenovela, he couldn’t differ more from Mastermind if we dug harder for hints. Instead, Ntokozo beams with ambition, humility and charm. We recently caught up with him. Read on


Ntokozo as Mastermind on Uzalo. *Image courtesy of Uzalo

QuenchSA: So tell us about your role on Uzalo. How did it come about?

Ntokozo: I auditioned like everyone else and got shortlisted and then after the callbacks, I got a call saying that I got the part.  I actually had originally auditioned for another role for the show,  but they felt I was good to go for the role of Mastermind…

QuenchSA: Mastermind does some morally questionable stuff. Is there a way that you personally relate to him?

Ntokozo: I’d like to think me and Mastermind are two totally different people in terms of morals and principles, as much as we both share passion and both love for family. I am not someone who gets ruthless and is willing to do anything for a quick buck.

QuenchSA: You had to return to KZN for this production. How does it feel going back home and being based in KZN as a working actor?

Ntokozo: It is amazing! It feels good to be able to go home to family every weekend. Coming back to KZN was fantastic for my part. Everyone is happy…I am happy. I am closer to home, the family is happy.

QuenchSA: Uzalo is one of the country’s biggest shows right now. Not only in terms of viewership, but it’s always trending. These days if you are trending, you’ve made it. How does it feel being part of a show with this magnitude of success and exposure?

Ntokozo: It’s amazing hey! A lot of shows have graced the 8:30 pm slot and none of them have received the kind of reception that we’ve received from the people. People are loving it. The response from people when you walk into a Mall is great. So creatively, it proves that people are watching the show and appreciate the work that we do. When you meet people on the road and they tell you how much they love you…

Ntokozo Mastermind Dlamini

He appreciates fan love! *Image: Facebook/Ntokozo TK Dlamini

QuenchSA: Speaking of fans. Any weird fan experiences with those? We’ve heard things can get rather hectic…

Ntokozo: There are always people that love you but have a weird way of showing it! I went to an Ukhozi FM event two weeks ago and it was so crazy. People jumped on my car and nearly ripped off my side mirrors. As much as they love you, sometimes it gets out of hand if not controlled.

QuenchSA: What excites you the most about your job – being an actor and being in the public eye?

Ntokozo: I don’t really care about being in the public eye. It’s just that I am passionate about acting and I have always been. It’s just… doing something that you love and being compensated for it, you know? Money wise…being paid for it. So it doesn’t feel like I am working.

QuenchSA: But if you were not an actor, what would you be doing?

Ntokozo: I would be in radio and I would also do presenting. Those are things I see myself doing in the near future.

QuenchSA: You have already listed those on your Twitter bio as some things you do. Do you do of them already? And also, what were you up to before Uzalo came along?

Ntokozo: No, I am not doing anything now. But I am also a voice over artist, I’ve done a couple of voice overs for certain radio stations and ads. Before that I did Soul City, a cameo on Rhythm City and Single Girls

Aware of sex symbol status. *Image: Facebook/Ntokozo TK Dlamini

Aware of sex symbol status. *Image: Facebook/Ntokozo TK Dlamini

QuenchSA: A lot of people regard you as a sex symbol. How do you feel about that?

Ntokozo: (Laughs) I am grateful about that. I don’t know…I do feel sometimes they exaggerate a bit. But I do appreciate the love man, and I try to get back as much as I can. As much as you can’t tweet to everyone and you can’t reply to every message because you get hundreds and hundreds of messages everyday so there’s no way you can reply to everyone. But I do try to reply and just thank a few people here and there when I can. When I do meet up with people, I do take the compliment and I do say thank you and I do appreciate the love.

QuenchSA: Let’s represent them then. They want to know, is Ntokozo taken?

Ntokozo: (Laughs). I am not taken but I am not available either.

QuenchSA: Ouch! Moving along. What wouldn’t you do as an actor in the name of art?

Ntokozo: I feel as an actor you shouldn’t have boundaries because that would be limiting myself in certain roles. When you are an actor you are not playing yourself, you are playing a different character. So when you are given a certain character, run with it. There’s no character I wouldn’t play. I am for growing as a performer. I would take any role that’s given to me, make alterations to the role to suit me as well. But I don’t think I have any restrictions right now.

QuenchSA: …Including sex and nudity?

Ntokozo: Those are some of the things that have happened on the show. I’ve done sex scenes on Uzalo. It’s something as a performer…you will do certains things like that.

QuenchSA: Doesn’t it get awkward though?

Ntokozo: Well, it does get awkward. Especially when you share no chemistry with the person. But luckily I’ve been given phenomenal actresses to work  with and they are doing a pretty good job.

QuenchSA: Nice. Which local show would you like to star in and whose role would you snatch?

Ntokozo:  (Grins) I’d like to be on Two And A Half Men…

QuenchSA: Interesting (Nicely dodged). Which role though?

Ntokozo: Playing Ashton Kutcher’s character. Or they’d have to write me a new character! I actually see myself doing international stuff a lot. I am looking into moving into the US and that’s something I am working on.

QuenchSA: Heard. What would you like your fans to know about you that you reckon they don’t?

Ntokozo: I’d like them to know that I am not full of myself. Some people think that because I get all these tweets and comments that I am full of myself. I really don’t take it to my head and I certainly don’t take it to heart. Although I appreciate the comments, the love… but you know? I don’t believe my own hype and I think that’s what keeps me grounded at all times.


On a mission: Ntokozo’s working on his own production

QuenchSA: Besides moving to the States as something you have said might be on the pipeline earlier on, what else are you planning?

Ntokozo: I can’t say much right now but I am in the process of working my own production. There’s a certain show I am writing and that’s all I can say for now.

QuenchSA: Fair enough. In wrapping, any messages for the youth during Youth Month?

Ntokozo: As cliche as this sounds I would say, hang in there. Make sure that you push your studies. And make sure that they know that everything is possible if you put your mind to it. Even if you don’t have anything but you believe in the talent that you’ve been given and run with it – no one can stop you.

*Uzalo airs on SABC 1 at 8:30 pm, Monday to Wednesday.

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  1. nomonde

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      May god be wit ntokozo every step of the way

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    November 28, 2015 at 8:31 am

    Oh wow yaw ma everday man crush Ntokozo.Keep up the good work.Love you lots!!:*:*#future MaDlam’s
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  8. Gladness Nkosi

    December 3, 2015 at 9:36 am

    Wow Ntokozo my brother, th dlaminis alws rock,,ibambe kanjalo,kep rockng i lv u! excited ..heres my no 0721482954 lts wtsup peps

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    December 29, 2015 at 9:46 pm

    Love u man #my crush,#favourite.Keep up the good work.LVE u TK DLAMINI #KEEP ROCKING, you going big time.

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    December 30, 2015 at 10:22 am

    wow zweli uya rocka boss and am sorry for ur loss I wish I could hear ur voice in my ears saying kukhala SAM sphaqulo kwa maphumulo

  13. Simphiwe

    December 30, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    Wooow ntokozo u are unique, u are the best if ngingaku distriber kungashona ilanga, keep it up.

    • carmen

      January 8, 2016 at 8:59 am

      Ntokozo I am carmen goldstone …I wuld like to thank u for being a inspritational leader to us young people ….it was so awesome when GC,MkonTo and thobile came to our place here in Eastwood to incurage us youngsters to follow our dreams…we were looking forward to meeting u and gxabhashe it would of being better if u guys came cause a lot of people look up to u guys as leaders or rolemodels …please come again and pay a visit to us here in Eastwood secondary school …we would realy apprieciate it..

  14. Lindry

    February 9, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    U are so amazing clearly i jst watch uzalo to see u jst hw cute u are wow wish i could meet u personally lots of best wishes nd love mwah

  15. Esona"Queen zee"

    March 5, 2016 at 12:53 am

    Master bae:-P, love you.Thank u for being a great inspiration to us.#SEE U BABY,keep rocking.

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  19. Luvolwethu Gasa

    July 1, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    mmmmh yeah Ntokozo, I do like your interview with QuenchSA wow waze wakhuluma kamnandi I wish nam abantu bengayeka ukungixhe kw career yam nami I want to be an actor 1 day any way u actor kamnandi bra….may God bless you**from LUVOLWETHU GASA**0744832179

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    Wow you motivate us brother Ngwane

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INTERVIEW: Mafikizolo Talks Staying Power, Milestones And New Single

The iconic duo can’t stress enough the importance of respecting one’s craft.



Photo Credit: Supplied

Back in 2015 on the Boomtown stage at the Durban July, I had the privilege of experiencing first hand the magic that informs the staying power that has sustained Mafikizolo’s chart dominance since they first entered the music scene, with their bhujwa swag, in the late 90’s.

Midway through the performance of their #1 hit Khona, Nhlanhla’s shoelaces started coming off, threatening to set in motion a devastating series of events that would have seen her take a tumble and plunge into the crowd.

Instead, what happened next would become a watershed moment that can school any formation about the power of authentic synergy. Theo quickly went down on his knees to tighten the shoelaces without disrupting the flow of their energetic delivery.

South African Music News: Mafikizolo Interview

Mafikizolo return to their roots in 2019 single, ‘Ngeke Balunge’. Photo Credit: Supplied

All this was done without missing a beat.

It’s this laser sharp focus and a display of teamwork that would see one of South Africa’s best selling music acts of all time cultivate not only a discography like no other, but also the rare ability to stay relevant for more than two decades.

“We don’t want to limit ourselves based on our past victories.”

And while we are sure the iconic duo, consisting of Nhlanhla Nciza and Theo Kgosinkwe, can publish several books detailing the trade secrets that have given them more than nine lives, humility and maintaining respect for one’s craft are the keys behind Mafikizolo’s success.

“We never feel like we’ve arrived”, says Nhlanhla, despite the duo’s global success, which includes their work being displayed at Grammy Museum alongside the likes of Micheal Jackson, Elton John and Elvis Presley.

South African Music News: Mafikizolo 2019 Interview

Mafikizolo makes a triumphant return to the scene with new single, ‘Ngeke Balunge’

Despite the unprecedented milestones, their blockbuster catalogue and their status as one of Africa’s most celebrated living legends, Mafikizolo are plotting their next move. We caught up with the duo as they distilled their 22 years of unleashing street anthems while influencing the soundscape through their multiple reinventions.

Congrats on the new single, ‘Ngeke Balunge’. How did the song come about?

Theo: We collaborated with Mondli Ngcobo on this track. He produced it. I think it’s because we’ve always had a relationship with him. He’s always wanted to write something for us a long time ago. I guess he’s always wanted to write that one particular song.

He’s always said, “I want to work with you guys but I want to write that perfect song for you.” So I think the timing is perfect. He’s actually got two songs for us. He came to Joburg and presented the two songs. We recorded the songs and we chose this one as the first single. That’s how it all came about. I think it’s because he’s been following Mafikizolo for a long time. He’s been our fan and we’ve been fans of his work.

From the songs, how did you decide on this one to be the first single?

Nhlanhla: Well, we knew definitely that we wanted to go back to our original sound. We missed the days of Emlanjeni, Mas’thokoze, Ubahlula Bonke… you know? The days of ballads. I mean, we know and understand that there’s Gqom, there’s House and Amapiano that have taken over. Still, we wanted something that will be different from what everyone else is doing. We loved the two tracks that he presented to us but the first single is the one that blew everyone away. It blew us away!

What’s funny is that the track – because every time I get a track I would just go around and play for people – I played the two tracks to see which one they loved the most. And funny enough, even the younger people… because we thought we are targeting the older audience, but even the younger people are crazy about the song. So it was really easy for us to decide.

Real talk, it’s such a beautiful song…

Theo: Indeed! And just adding on Nhlanhla and what she was saying. You know, when Khona came out… there’s something about the song that you don’t know what it is about it that makes people move. It’s a spiritual thing because you don’t know what it is about the song that moves you so much… you can’t figure it out. Because, I thought when we were busy posting the song, I thought ‘Ah this is an urban Zulu song.’ And then you get people from Zambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe singing and posting the song! They love the song. They might not understand it, but they love it. They’ve been saying, ‘What a spiritual song!’

Nhlanhla: Even South Africans are like, ‘thing song does somethings to me, emotionally. I get so emotional and sometimes I wanna cry when I listen to the song.’ That was not even our intention, we just wanted to do a love song. Some people don’t even know that it’s actually a love song. They are thinking it’s like… impi (war).

Theo: Let me add to this. If they don’t miss out on this, this song could be a perfect song for Amabhokobhoko (The Springboks). It’s a perfect victory song for them because they can say… (sings) ’Abadede impela, kufike izingwazi’. It’s got that chant!

So if you had to choose a perfect song that is relevant for the victory that we brought as South Africa and Amabhokobhoko. It might be a love song, but it’s one that unites. (Breaks into song again) Angeke bas’xelele abayeke umona. It unites and at the same time it’s about love and celebration. I’m punting the song to be the official theme. If anyone is looking for a song to celebrate Amabhokobhoko, this is the song!

Nhlanhla: Or any victory! Even you as a person. You can say, I’m trying do this and there are people around me who are not rooting for me and are negative towards what I’m trying to do. You are saying ‘Ngeke balunge’, you know? Ngeke bangiqede. Abadede! Its a victory song more than anything

With the victory theme, I got a sense that the song paid homage to how resilient Mafikizolo has been. As people who’ve worked together for so long, how have you managed to continue working together well for this long?

Theo: I think the dream of success never really died. We don’t want to limit ourselves based on our past victories because there are new challenges to be won and new goals to be reached. We keep reinventing ourselves and wanting to work with different producers who can bring a different sound. On our previous album, we worked with DJ Maphorisa. This time around we were blessed to work with Mondli Ngcobo and as we plan for our album next year, we plan to work with other emerging producers and songwriters. We love reinventing ourselves.

For us to have this staying power, it’s because we love reinvention. We always challenge ourselves and be like, ‘What can we come with that can be new without losing ourselves?’ Even though it might be a new sound to our fans, but we don’t lose our core as Mafikizolo. Like I said, there are a lot of challenges. We still have victories to win. We want to conquer Africa, we want to conquer Europe and the world.

Nhlanhla: Also being open to learning. Always! We never feel like we’ve arrived. We’ve never, even when we’ve had some of the biggest songs previously. We are always open to learning to better ourselves and our sound, which is the most important thing. Also, when I quote the Bible, God says, ‘Lift yourself up and I shall humble you. Humble yourself and I should lift you up.’ I think for a younger person it may like ‘Oh, abantu abadala.’ But it really goes a long way – being humble, respecting your craft and respecting fans, and yourself, and remaining humble no matter what you become.

It is a distinct sound… There’s that Mafikizolo element, but it certainly sounds elevated. Does this now inform the sound of the new era, with the new album coming out next year?

Theo: We never really want to box ourselves around a particular sound and it’s always been like that from day one. Since we started recording with Kalawa in 1997, we’ve never said, like ‘Okay now, we are doing a love ballad album and we are staying there.’ Or ‘Now, we are doing Afro Pop.’ Like, we gooi! If it sounds good and it’s not totally opposite our sound…

Nhlanhla: Yeah, I mean we are a Pop band so we are very much opening to trying new things and experimenting with new sounds. I think also with this particular song, when we heard it, the influences were many, you know? We’ve always been influenced by musicians from earlier days. Like your Mam’ Letta (Letta Mbuli) and Tat’u Caiphus Semenya and Mama Miriam Makeba. We were always inspired by them.  When you listen to Chicco… the Dalom Kids…

You can actually pick these influences that we grew up listening to, but also the old Mafikizolo. So I think it was perfect because we love old songs. But like Theo said, we really  love experimenting with new sounds. Even when we heard this song, yes, it has that Mafikizolo touch but there’s something in there we’ve never done before. So we went ahead and did it.

Already, we’ve worked on other songs, which you will get to know about next year, along with the people we’ve worked with. It’s things we’ve never done and people you’d never think we would get to work with. It’s always interesting and it’s a part of reinvention.

What do young artists need to know about staying power?

Theo: I’ll go back to what Nhlanhla said before, and what we always uphold. It’s humility and respect. Humility becomes before honour. We always feel like even if you are a superstar, stay humble. Stay humble and God will lift you up. Don’t let your fame change you. It can be a confusing thing because you’ve just arrived, and you are singing everywhere. People who were never your friends are now your friends. You are getting money you never got. Sadly, the record companies don’t tell you these things. They don’t tell you that you will be famous and have a lot of money, and then these things will start happening to you… save your money, don’t act this way.

They are just excited that you are successful. And then, because no one ever sat you down, spoke to you or coached you about fame, you tend to have the ego thing. You don’t wanna take pictures with people anymore, you don’t respect your craft onstage, you don’t do interviews or you arrive late for them. It can change you and it can be a confusing stage for you. We always say, remain humble, stay passionate about your work. That’s the most important thing, which we always emphasise. Being humble will keep you for a very long time.

What have been the biggest milestone for Mafikizolo so far?

Nhlanhla (Laughs) Yoh! (To Theo…) Do you wanna start? There’s just so, so, so that much has happened. So many bad things have happened as well. Honestly, I can’t just think of one…

Theo: Yes, there’s a few. I think it’s an honour always to perform for people who are in higher places. Like when you have to go and perform for a President, and the President stands up and dances to your song… You feel like ‘wow, we are in the presence of honour’. For us to perform for the 46664 back in the days of our late President, Nelson Mandela… To meet him officially. Not only did we perform in South Africa but we also performed in Norway for him.

And I think for Nhlanhla – the highlight that she might not remember – was when she was dancing with the President of Uganda. Presidents are always stiff (laughs) but… for the first time! People were like, ‘how did you manage to dance with the President!?’ We’ve performed for Presidents… we’ve done the Davos Economic Forum, where all the leaders of the world were there and we had to perform. We had to perform ‘Ndihamba Nawe’.

I remember Mama Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma was also there. They were very proud. They stood up and danced. Other Presidents… from Germany, ambassadors. Everyone stood up and dance. We’ve performed for royalty and we’ve travelled the world. For us it’s been an honour. We’ve shared stages with big international artists. Our work was displayed at the Grammy Museum. The way that we dress and our music was featured next to your Micheal Jacksons, your Elton Johns and your Elvis Presley.

It’s some of the things that our South African people might not know about, but we feel very honoured by the opportunity that God has blessed us with, to be able to touch so many people. When we travel, we have sold out shows. We are like ‘Wow! We are in Canada, sold out! We are in Australia, sold out!’ We have achieved a lot and we feel there’s a lot that still needs to be achieved.

What can fans expect from the upcoming album?

Theo: It’s going to be a beautiful album. I’m glad that we’ve grabbed the attention of our fans who’ve been fans from Emlanjeni. The more mature audience might have felt like we’ve probably lost them, and we thought we probably thought we lost them. They might be like, ‘Hawu, where are they!?” We thought they are gone, but they haven’t left. Even when we released Khona, they were still there. We’ve realised that every time we do a show, most fans who come have been there since the Lotto days.  They are very loyal and excited about this single. We promise them beautiful love songs.

The younger audience who has just joined us… we promise them a very versatile album. It’s all about love! We celebrate love all the time! There will be dance tracks, there will be Afro Pop and love ballads on the album. It’s the same Mafikizolo, but on another level.

Ngeke Balunge is out now! Stream it here

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INTERVIEW: Prince Kaybee Talks EMAs, World Domination and Retiring In Flip Flops

In this exclusive interview, the 30 year old house music dab hands reveals how discipline and a killer work ethic are behind his success.



Prince Kaybee exclusive Interview 2019
Photo Credit: Supplied

Some want to retire with a crown. When Prince Kaybee retires, though, he envisions himself with a cigar, whiskey and flip flops. But until then, “it’s crunch time!”

It’s for this reason that he believes people spend too much time busking in the light of their short lived glories, instead of plotting their next move. Rather than waste time amplifying his own milestones, the award winning producer has spent as much time as possible in the studio, where he engineers his sprawling catalogue.

That’s how he’s been at the top for more than five years.

Yet despite churning out a slew of blockbuster street anthems, he still ducks being dubbed an industry leader. “I still have a lot of work to do”, he says, masterminding his looming adventure into the global music market, where he intends to deliver his sound to new audiences.

The plan to conquer the world informs the creative genesis for his recently released Crossover EP, the official manifesto for his campaign to soar to new dimensions.

The house music architect had a clear plan, along with a milkshake in his hands, when we met with him to unpack his new chapter.

Congratulations on your EMA nomination for ‘Best African Act’. How does it feel to be recognised at that level?

It feels great and it’s been a long time coming, you know? It is great for the culture. I feel like I have a responsibility and an EMA is not an individual thing, it’s a South African thing.  Even with the Nasty C nomination, I feel like I have won because that is another platform where we need to represent African music. So it feels great because I look at myself in the mirror and be like, ‘yes we did it!’ But looking at the bigger picture… it’s all about Africa and what we are doing to win.

What does it mean for you to be an African artist in 2019?

It means a lot because we have been through a lot and we have seen people come and go. The past two years have been the most competitive. Looking at what is going on, like music is improving so much so that it is no longer about having one hit song in an album and all the other fifteen be wack.

People actually put in a lot of effort with the whole body of work. Like, you literally sit in and listen to an album and just drive… it’s no longer about just one hit. To answer your question, it feels great because everyone is putting in the work. You feel worthy of something that is part of the collective, or industry peers, that lead the industry.

With people coming in, blowing up, and some disappearing just as quick, how do you maintain the momentum and keep growing?

I don’t understand why artist are at the club all the time. I don’t understand why 90% of the time you are doing things that are not aligned with music when you are an artist, you know? Take a doctor for example. Would you wanna hire a wack doctor? This is your health! You would hire someone who is qualified for that, right? So what do these people do to be qualified?

It’s what they do they in the office from nine to five. I have a schedule as a musician; I have a nine to five. I get at the studio at nine in the morning and leave at 5pm. You won’t find me in the studio after that, except only when I have juicy stuff flowing. But I know my times and I know I have to be there every day. Some artists get in the studio on Monday and they literally leave and come back two months later.

For you to be consistent you actually have to work on your art constantly and give it attention. That’s the only way to do it and that is it. You can read the most expensive book on how to sustain yourself and whatever, but you have to go back to the basic rule of putting in the work because what you put in is what you get out.

Let’s talk about the transition from Re Mmino to The Cross Over EP. You have said that this EP represents a ‘new you’. Who is he and how does he differ from the old Kaybee?

It’s not necessarily a new image, new me or whatever, it is just a crossover of the genre within the genres. I’m doing something different… something outside the norm.

How do you select your collaborators?

Talent is talent, there is no two ways about it. If you work, I will tell you if you are good, let’s work. Why not? If your energy is great… and if you are positive and have certain morals in understanding the principles that I agree with, let’s work. Overall it’s talent but the energy is very important because the studio is a happy place.

This EP aligns with your intentions to venture into the global market. Tell us more about that goal?

As a brand that has done so much in South Africa, I feel like it is now time to say ‘cool guys let’s explore.’ Other people are fine (with keeping it local). There is nothing wrong with that, but I feel I want to cross over and the narrative is as is, crossing over and changing the sound, a bigger audience and letting the European people and that market know about our sound.

When I cross over it does not mean I am going to feature global artists only. I will be crossing over with artists from South Africa. On the EP as well, 90% of artists are South African even though the genre is different.

You’ve said you feel you have done everything to be done in South Africa. What has been your biggest milestone so far?

I don’t think I have a specific one. Like, everything has played a role in itself. I really don’t because since 2015 when I started mainstreaming, I can’t single out just one thing, you understand? Everything makes sense in its growth… it’s the people who interview us,  my family, the music ,the fans… You can’t single out shit.

Do you feel like the biggest artist in South Africa right now?


Then who is?

There are a lot of guys who are doing huge things, like Sun El Musician is a good artist for me. Samthing Soweto is dope. And because I listen to a lot of House Music, I am gonna list a lot of House artists… but there are a lot of artists in the industry who literally shook everything, like Sjava, Sho Madjozi etc. A lot of industry peers are doing great. I feel I am nowhere near, I still have a lot of work to do.

In terms of your transformation, was the change in your look – the fitness and chopping off the dreadlocks – part of your bigger plan?

No, no, no! It isn’t. Remember, you cannot separate. Some people think sometimes I am Kabelo and other times I am Prince Kaybee, but there is no way of separating the two. There is no difference between the brand and the person because you just can’t bro! I feel like when I am on Twitter and type, it’s Kabelo and Prince Kaybee typing at the same time. Everything that I do is for the brand – gym, the change… It’s a reinvention. It’s an on-going challenge of bettering yourself as a person, you know?

Word! You are at top right now. What advice would you give to up and coming artists about getting there?

I don’t know the formula. If I had I would literally give it up. But there is one principle, which is, what you put in is what you get out. This applies to everyone; musicians, journalists, whatever… A lot of artists, especially the young ones that are coming up, they don’t believe in being in the studio every time. Once you have an album out you have to celebrate for six months. Bro, you don’t need to celebrate anything! The only time that celebrations come is when you retire.  When I retire I don’t give a shit where I am, I will always have my cigar because I have done my part. I will have my cigar and whiskey, in my flip flops. I won’t even wear sneakers.

But now it is crunch time bro! I don’t go out on vacations and I don’t go out not because I intend not to do that, I am having fun while working, so that I don’t feel like am straining myself. It’s crunch time. Let’s not start celebrating and blowing our own horns. When you win an award stop telling us for the next 5 years. Forget that award and win another. The young ones are too tied to little accomplishments. I always say one hit song doesn’t guarantee you a career. Look at things from that perspective.

With everything you’ve done, what is the ultimate goal you are still chasing? Say, something you will be proud of with the cigar and whiskey and flip flops?

I want to get my mom a house she has never imagined. I can afford one now but I am looking at a very homey house. Then I will be done done.


Join the Conversation By Leaving Your Comment In The Comments Section Below, on Twitter and Facebook. We Love You for Reading!



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DJ Mshega Talks New Music, Power Collabos and Amapiano – INTERVIEW

The record producer promises an album five times better than his critically lauded debut.



Exclusive Interview with DJ Mshega

Dj Mshega has set his eyes on a big musical year, and it shows. The Criminal hitmaker, who’s currently adding final touches to his looming sophomore album, has recently dished out no less than two new summer bangers to mark his triumphant return to the soundscape.

Hurricane and How Do You Feel find Holly Rey and Ziyon lavishing rich summer sonics with soul stirring vocals.

We caught up with Mshega for an exclusive interview, in which he remembers how his brother’s passing sparked the genesis of his love for music.

With a new single out, I imagine you must be super busy right now…

Yeah, with everything involved in promoting that. I’m also actually wrapping up the rest of my album so it is a busy time.

You first album did so well. Is a sophomore slump not a concern with the new project?

No! I’m not fearful at all. I rest in the confidence that I do all that I can and give my all, you know? When I reflect on the work I’ve put in what’s coming I’m happy. It’s definitely a step up. The whole sound is going to another level so I am really happy about the hard work that has been poured in. It’s been about two years working on the album.

One of the more notable characteristics about you as a record producer is the quality of the sound. Everything is done masterly and keeps the strong element of melody and musicality. Where does that come from?

I’d like to think it comes from the time when I got introduced to music… to House music. Like, people who were around me – my mentors, like Louie Vega, Dj Spinner and all these artists… they were really, really good!

Their music was great overall. Vocally, sonically and otherwise. That’s how I knew. It’s remained the one quality that I never look past when I’m making music. Whether it be drum, or bass, soulful, electro… the principle remains the same and carries through how I approach making music.

You’ve taken us back to some of your inspirations back in the day. Can you remember that moment when you decided this is really want you want to spend your life doing?

I think that happened the very day I was introduced to music. It happened when I got exposed to DJing and I just knew. Until then I had been playing soccer.

One day I was playing soccer in the streets and my brother popped in carrying a device called a mixer. I didn’t know what it was at the time but I was already very intrigued by it.

As he walked in, I followed him. When I arrived in his room he had connected the device and was playing a record, some house joint… (sings Keith Thompson – Living On the Front Line, Victor Simonelli).

I was just like, “what is this?” That moment drew me in. I didn’t know what he was playing but it sounded so beautiful.

Is that when you started putting in the work on your DJing craft?

No, not right away. Unfortunately, a few months after that my brother passed on. He was 18 years old by then. I decided I am going to carry on from where he left off and push this thing because he loved it. I didn’t know how far I was gonna go but it really felt right.

How did you decide to collaborate with Holly Rey?

She’s super fresh!  How it came about… Well, after she dropped Deeper, which was a beautiful record, I started getting ideas.

Just ideas on different shades we could do with her on something easy and blissful. It was based on that, just hearing this dope record and being like, “hey, we could make something else that’s different, cool and easy. After that I approached her in the DMs, and she was game. She actually flew in from Durban to record Hurricane in the studio.

How did you decide for Hurricane to be the first single?

That’s a tricky question. Well, the record sounds really simple and easy. It’s a summer love song and we really thought, seeing we are going into the spring, now would really make sense to drop a record for this season. Hurricane really fits the season. All the songs in the project are amazing but this was the summer jam.

Amapiano have really blown up in the last couple of years. What do you think of genre? Would you want to mess around there?

I want to say shout out to Amapiano and the makers because they have come a long way. For anything to come from nothing and become something you must have worked hard. You can’t take that away, you know?

I think the music reflects our culture and what we relate to. We can’t but hear those old Kwaito instruments. For me it’s not such a new thing, it’s just been reproduced in the modern way, which is really cool.

Tell us everything we need to know about your upcoming album. What can your fans expect?

With the upcoming album fans can expect a step up from The Contribution. Probably like 5 steps up, because there’s a lot of time and effort that has been put into the project. We’ve got some exciting artists like Holly Rey, Naak Music, Nomcebo, Dominic….

The list goes on! The album reflects what I’ve gone through since The Contribution, and that’s what I love; that people will be hearing something that’s literally from my heart straight to them for their pure enjoyment. They can expect bangers man!

Any particular song you can’t wait for them to hear?

It’s unfair to pick out a record because with this project every song is special and I wouldn’t pick that one over that one. I would rate them the same because there is the same amount of energy put into each and every song. I love those all songs but for now the one that stands out… There’s a song called Impilo with Nomcebo!

Is that possibly the next single?

I don’t know. We were blessed with so many bangers in this project and we are struggling to choose what we going to put up next.

Obviously that’s a really good place to be?

Yes! That’s why am like, unfortunately we don’t know and we want to leave it to the people to decide what they want to put out…

What are you still hoping to do in your career?

W the plan with me is I wanna take over the world, as long as I breath I want to push to the highest, most possibly reach. With my career, I definitely wanna go global, that’s the ultimate goal …


Join the Conversation By Leaving Your Comment In The Comments Section Below, on Twitter and Facebook. We Love You for Reading!

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