Pearl Thusi Gets Fetched For Criticizing Beyonce’s Met Gala Outfit

In some fun totally non news, TV/Radio personality Pearl Thusi has found herself in a hectic line of fire with the “Beyhive” (the name given to Beyonce’s most loyal stans) for posting a tweet that fashion-policed the American superstar’s hideous dress and hairstyle at the Met Gala.

It all started when the Black Pearl posted a tweet urging Beyonce to come forward and explain the dress that has already been enduring many a shot from fashion critics all over the place.

“What the hell was Beyonce wearing at the #MetGala?”, she charged. “She needs to explain. And that hair???” (sic)

Beyonce’s fans were not happy about this and decided to take Thusi to task In the typical  we love Americans celebs and hate our own approach.




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