The Mary Jane Effect: Sperm Snatching Is The New Thing!

If you have watched the series Being Mary Jane, you know that the relentless pursuit of success often requires many men and women to put aside many things to invest full attention on their goals. This list includes such things as personal relationships, pregnancies, marriages and other important (debatable, of course) albeit inconvenient to do’s, for much later. No one has time anymore.

Because, careers.

But many women from this hustling segment actually do have intentions to have children at some point. Just not now, you know? And oh, certainly not with a hideous partner!

Except, they are aware of the possibility of struggling to find an ideal partner to settle down with and they have probably figured out that ‘Mr. Right’ is but one more fantasy away . It’s not like life, the biological clock and these dudes function within the constraints of anyone’s schedule.

So this is what goes down…

To make sure that getting pregnant at a time when they are ready, some women have opted for a controversial and ethically questionable practice that involves stealing their partner’s sperm and freezing it for future use. All the women have to do is extract the sperm from a condom using a turkey baster. The sperm is then stored in cold temperature for its functionality to be maintained. Therein lies potential children.

Works like a charm, doesn’t it?

Just a small problem though – ethical concerns. First of all, it is practically criminal because the sperm is kept alive without knowledge of its producer. Secondly, well obviously you cannot trick someone into parenthood without their consent. The bottom line is, both of you will be parents to the baby. Maybe this  needs to be discussed. The what-they-don’t-know-won’t-kill-them approach definitely works in certain contexts. This is not one of them.

Besides, murky as the issues may appear, some people may find the trend creepy, deviant and downright nasty for obvious reasons around perceptions of the family unit and a life being precious and, and, and…

Dig out your Being Mary Jane episodes. In one scene during which she got inebriated with her friends around, MJ shocks the gang by pulling out frozen sperm from the fridge. After the dust had settled with the group of women and the exhausted male stripper, some of her friends expressed discomfort with her secret. How can she stoop to such lows?

Or, a girl has got to do what a girl has got do? #QuenchSA


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