Reality Star Lexi Goes Off On Twitter: ‘It’s Not About The Money’

Reality TV star Lexi Van Niekerk strucks Twitter haters off the roll in an explosive Twitter lash out calling ‘haters’ and some black women out.

Let’s face it, Twitterverse can be a depressing place sometimes. But if you are former Big Brother Mzansi star Lexi Van Niekerk, you are constantly brought to task over charges that you are with your boyfriend mainly for his cash while being quoted with biblical verses on the daily for having had sex on TV.

Lexi van Niekerk Mandla Hlatshwayo

But most of all, if her Twitter meltdown is anything to go by, some black women treat her with contempt for her interracial relationship with the now rich (and hot) black guy.

Lexi and Mandla Hlatshwayo, who now have their own reality TV show MandLexi on Mzansi Magic, met on Big Brother Mzansi and hit it off instantly. But while the lovebirds were favourites with viewers for their open book policy leading Hlatshwayo straight to the millionaire club, their conduct in the house both thrilled avid fans while appalling others with equal measure – particularly following the explosive dalliances in the shower.

big Brother mzansi Mandla and lexi sex scene

He walked away with the honours, and of course tons of money. They continued hooking up even when the cameras had stopped rolling. But people have continued hating on the relationship both for its genesis and suspicion over the 26 year old’s intentions.

Lexi Twitter rant

Taking to Twitter to drag haters set the record straight, the outspoken reality show star lashed out at followers for their continued bullying. She also made it clear that she regrets none of her decisions.


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