Trevor Noah’s Controversial Tweets Get Questioned Ahead Of The Today Show

It appears not even certified international comedians can get away with just about any off colour joke. We reported earlier this week that South African comedian Trevor Noah has been confirmed as the new host of US show The Today Show as Jon Stewart steps down. Tweets have been dug up from his Twitter, and some people are not impressed with the views expressed.

Joke or not.

Although Noah has become a household name here at home and internationally, the US market is yet to be familiar to his tongue in cheek style of comedy and South African humour at large. What many may also be not aware of as well, is Trevor’s background- much of which informs and shape his approach to comedy.

So many his old tweets, who have been interpreted as anti-semetic and sexist by the protesters, are coming back to haunt him.

Trevor defended these tweets yesterday, saying that they cannot be taken to summarise his work as a comedian and his character as a person:

It will all blow over. He is is a comedian, this is what he does. Moral of the story: See why you should be watching what you tweet?


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