Anele Mdoda’s “Gays Are A Waste” Charge Upsets LGBT Twitterverse

Although 94.7 radio presenter Anele Mdoda is known for speaking her mind without inhibitions, she took her freedom of speech a seam below the belt to shock her followers and residents of gay twitter with an unwarranted supply of ignorant tweets about gay men.

Tweeting about the Mr. Gay Twitter pageant she was attending on Saturday, the radio personality declared gay men as a ‘waste’. Because you know, they are hot men who fail at compulsory heterosexuality.

Obviously gay men were not impressed with her statements on the timeline and it all soon degenerated into a full blown war of words as she visciously defended her remarks as harmless joke.

She also took the opportunity to display her strength

And cautioned gay men against thinking they are women

But gay tweeps explained to the star why she could not use the platform to promote negative narratives that demean gay men.

We’ll leave it there with the tweets, and hope Anele redeems herself with an apology.


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